Andrea Taylor

Prove It Challenge™ Success: Laura P.

Congratulations to athlete and nutrition coach Laura P., who’s had 12 people accept the Prove It Challenge™ in one week and 19 overall since the Challenge’s official launch at the 2019 Global Conference!

Member Benefits and Loyalty Rewards

With the Member Benefits and Loyalty Rewards program, exciting benefits await you and your customers when you purchase Shaklee products consistently! Take advantage of this program to help you create consistent, predictable volume; increase your overall sales; and help customers explore new products and product categories.

Prouvez-le, Vivez-le, Partagez-le

Prouvez-le, Vivez-le, Partagez-le est un modèle simple pour initier les nouvelles personnes à la Nutrition Shaklee et un système simple pour démarrer votre entreprise Shaklee avec succès.

Avantages et récompenses de loyauté destinés aux membres

Avec le programme d’avantages et de récompenses destinés aux membres, des avantages intéressants vous attendent ainsi que vos clients lorsque vous achetez des produits Shaklee régulièrement! Servez-vous de ce programme pour aider à créer du volume régulier et prévisible, augmenter vos ventes et aider vos clients à découvrir de nouveaux produits et de nouvelles catégories de produits.

Living Proof: Tim

Watch Tim’s powerful weight-loss transformation as he goes from 423 pounds to the fit, trim owner of a hot yoga studio.

Living Proof: Krystle and Todd

Krystle shares how the Shaklee opportunity has changed her family’s health, allowed her to stay home with her kids, and build her dream home.

Living Proof: Tif and Nary

A mother and daughter share their Shaklee journey as Tif looks to learn from what her mother has done “and take it further.”

Living Proof: Chelsey

A military mom with three kids moves from “observing her life” to “experiencing life” with her kids right now – with the help of Shaklee nutrition.

Living Proof: Jennifer

Building a business with Shaklee has been a journey of personal self-discovery, moving from shyness to a world of possibilities.