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Shaklee Collagen

Meet Shaklee Collagen, your daily beauty booster. Use the info below to learn more about this exciting product and how you can take advantage of Shaklee Collagen to introduce new people to Shaklee!

Your Daily Beauty Booster

  • Uniquely designed to include all 9 essential amino acids needed to support protein synthesis, including collagen. Combined with biotin for maintaining healthy hair, nails and skin, and vitamin C, an antioxidant to protect cells against oxidative damage.
  • 2.5 g collagen per serving derived from collagen types I and III
  • 7.5 mcg of biotin to support healthy hair, skin, and nails
  • 22.5 mg of vitamin C to protect against oxidative damage caused by free radicals and aid in collagen synthesis
  • 100% hydrolyzed collagen for quicker digestion and absorption
  • Dissolves seamlessly into your favourite drink. Perfect addition to your daily coffee or shakes.
  • Derived from a grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine source
  • Non-GMO, dairy-free, and gluten-free
  • No artificial flavours, sweeteners, or preservatives are added
  • Unflavoured

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What Makes Shaklee Collagen Different

  • Collagen + Biotin + Vitamin C: Combined with biotin and vitamin C, these crucial nutrients promote healthy hair, skin, and nails

More on Collagen

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant, naturally-occurring protein found in the human body and is an important building block for your body, making it essential for healthy bones, cartilage, skin, hair, and nails.

Why do we need to supplement?

As we age, our natural collagen production begins to slow down (it begins in your 20s), leading to common signs of aging such as sagging skin, brittle nails, lacklustre hair, and wrinkles.

Collagen levels can be maintained by eating a well-balanced, healthy diet and supplementing with Collagen. Supplementing increases the body’s collagen levels and stimulates the production of new collagen.

Why are all 9 essential amino acids required to synthesize collagen, when collagen itself contains only eight essential amino acids?

Collagen contains only eight essential amino acids, but all nine are required to synthesize it. Scientists who study protein and amino acid metabolism are in wide agreement that all nine essential amino acids are necessary to support protein (including collagen) synthesis regardless of the amino acid composition of the protein.

Purchase and use the product daily.

Having your own authentic experience with the product is going to be the best sharing tool, by far.

  • Shaklee Collagen is unflavoured and blends easily into any drink or food that would benefit from the additional creaminess
  • Add it to your favourite version of Shaklee Life Shake™, as a boost or your coffee, yogourt, or soup (even avocado toast)

Post in your social feeds.

Share how excited you are about this product and show how easily it’s incorporated into your daily routine. Here are some ideas for creating your own posts (most of what you post should be your own content):

  • “I’m excited to try my company’s new product”
  • A picture of you with the new product
  • A picture of you mixing it into another drink or food for an added boost in your day (Life Shake, coffee, yogourt)
  • Sprinkle in some informational and promotional social posts that highlight facts that will help people learn more about Shaklee Collagen and why Shaklee is different

Follow up and reach out.

  • Respond to comments on your social content in direct message. Focus on responding to questions in a conversational way using info in the Product Information Sheet.
  • Reach out to customers via text, email and direct message who have expressed interest in similar products in the past (“Hey, I remember you were interested in improving your nails, we’ve got a new product I think you might like.”).

Upsell / Cross Sell Opportunities

Consider sharing Shaklee Collagen with customers who use the following products. Or pair with the following products for new customers looking for specific benefits:

  • NUTRITION – Amplify your Life Shake™ with Shaklee Collagen – skin, hair, and nail booster for your shake. 20 g of plant-based protein, 2.5 g of collagen, 24 vitamins and minerals, and 7.5 mcg of biotin and 22.5 mg of vitamin C.
  • HEALTHY AGING – Your daily beauty booster inside and out – helps protect cells with the power of Vivix® and supports healthy hair, nails, and skin with Shaklee Collagen.
  • YOUTHFUL BEAUTY – Collagen + Hyaluronic Acid + Antioxidants – TRIPLE power for great skin inside and out. Youth Activating Serum is a powerful anti-aging treatment with Vitamin A and 10x the concentration of our hyaluronic acid blend to support collagen production.

Use the following resources to begin sharing Shaklee Collagen and check the Shaklee Share Mobile app for social posts you can use to spread the word online.

Informational Social Posts

Modify the suggested copy to sound like your own voice!

Suggested Copy: “Did You Know” Curiosity Post

“It’s literally everywhere…have you ever wondered why your body needs it? 

Collagen is the most abundant, naturally-occurring protein found in our body, it makes up about a third of all the protein in our body.  But while collagen occurs throughout our entire body, it is particularly abundant in our skin, our bones, and our connective tissues – about 75% of our skin is made up of collagen. 

I just had the opportunity to try a new collagen product and I’m super excited to share it with you. DM me if you’re interested in trying it. “

Suggested Copy: Why Supplement Collagen?

You’ve probably heard a lot about collagen lately. If you haven’t tried it yet, it can be hard to know if what’s trendy is truly for you. 

Here are some great reasons to consider collagen in your nutrition routine: 

As we age, our natural collagen production begins to slow down (it begins in your 20s). 

Slow collagen production can lead to common signs of aging such as stiff joints, sagging skin, brittle nails, lacklustre hair and wrinkles.  

Supplementing with a  collagen product that contains all 9 essential amino acids supports protein synthesis, including collagen 

Interested in learning more? Hit me up…let’s talk.

Suggested Copy: Not All Collagen is Created Equal

Is Your Collagen Complete? 

Collagen is the most abundant, naturally-occurring protein found in the human body and is the building block for your cells, tissues, and organs, making it essential for healthy bones, cartilage, skin, hair, and nails.    

But for any protein to provide the nutritional support you need; it should contain all NINE of the essential amino acids.  

Collagen alone doesn’t cut it.  

That’s why I’m loving this new collagen product that my company just launched! 

It contains a blend of collagen and pea protein…providing all 9 essential amino acids. 

DM me if you’d like to learn more. 

Suggested Copy: Product Highlights Infographic

How does Shaklee Collagen stack up? The numbers speak for themselves. 

Our collagen protein is the most complete – giving you the nutritional support you need for healthier skin, hair and nails…all in a convenient powder you can easily mix in with your routine beverages. 

DM me for more details.