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My Shaklee Story | Get to Know Pam & Rachel

Pam was a Shaklee customer who worked as a corporate buyer. She became an Ambassador when she needed more flexibility to be a stay-at-home mom. Rachel was a dietician who was introduced to Shaklee products through her colleagues.

My Shaklee Story | Get to Know Barb & Daniella

Barb and Daniella are both moms who got their start in the nutrition field. They were both impressed with the science and sustainability behind Shaklee which led them to start their own wellness businesses.

My Shaklee Story: Tif

As a first-generation American, Tif started her journey with Shaklee in her early 20’s when she began using the products and has continued to grow her business for over 10 years.

My Shaklee Story: Rachel

Rachel, a dietician, was introduced to Shaklee at a lunch with colleagues in 2021. She was instantly impressed with the research, science, innovation, and safety standards that set Shaklee products apart and the support and tools she received to work her business flexibly and efficiently.

My Shaklee Story: Christine

Christine, a personal trainer, and mother of four, discovered Shaklee products 13 years ago. She remained a Shaklee customer for years before making the decision to build her own business 5 years ago. Christine now enjoys the flexibility that her business gives her to spend time with her family and pursue her passions.

My Shaklee Story: Barb

Barb started her business with Shaklee 45 years ago by sharing the products she loved with friends and family. Throughout the decades she’s discovered an incredible community of people and learned more about herself than she thought possible.

My Shaklee Story: Robin

Robin inherited her parents’ business in 1987, but the legacy of Robin’s Shaklee business began in 1964 with her grandmother who fell in love with Shaklee products. This business allowed for the flexibility she desired as a mom while also helping others with their health and wellness.

My Shaklee Story: Daniella

Daniella, a dietician, and mom of three, discovered Shaklee when a friend reached out on Instagram. She joined as an Ambassador in 2019 and has been growing her business through her social platform ever since providing an opportunity to be home with her kids while also doing work she’s passionate about - bringing health and wellness to others in her community.