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My Shaklee Story | Get to Know Robin & Christine

For both Robin and Christine, their Shaklee businesses revolve around family.

Robin inherited her parents’ business in 1987, but the legacy of Robin’s Shaklee business began in 1964 with her grandmother who fell in love with Shaklee products.

Christine, a personal trainer and mother of four, had a similar experience with Shaklee products 13 years ago. She remained a Shaklee customer for years before making the decision to build her own business 5 years ago. Christine now enjoys the flexibility that her business gives her to spend time with her family and pursue her passions.

Robin: It was my grandmother who was introduced to Shaklee in 1964. She actually fell in love with the products first and didn’t understand the business side of it at all, to the point where she didn’t even want to hear about it. But her enthusiasm and her passion for these products just…oozed out of her. And she…attracted people to her. And so before she knew it, she had this group of people who were all doing the business. She asked my mom and dad if they would be willing to partner with her, and they said, “Of course.” [My] parents are now gone, so my husband and I are running the business and have [been] since 1987.

Robin: So, what about you? Tell me your story?

Christine: I would say…I was a happy customer 13 years ago when I found Shaklee for the first time and realized what the company was. And…[for] the last 5 years…I’ve been growing, wanting to expand my business, invite other people to take a look and have this wellness tribe. Like for me, I’m a personal trainer, so at the gym the people keep coming. Yes, for the results but [also] for the community. People see them at their worst, their best, their struggles, and their triumphs. And they’re getting PRs or…just wanting to show up consistently for goals. And there’s this camaraderie that’s really powerful, and I feel like that’s what I’m drawn to in Shaklee…it snuck up on me and then it became something I’m so excited about now. I have found that the best launching point for my clients is Ready Set Wellness. It’s just a great kit [and] program that helps people really dial in healthier habits. And I’m calling them, I’m holding their hand, I’m walking them through because I want them to have great results and to really start this lifestyle of making healthy happen.

Robin: Sometimes I look at my life and I’m like, “How do I make it all work? How do I fit it all in?” So…how do you do it?

Christine: It is evolving, let’s just say. There [were] seasons where Shaklee was…something that I kind of fit into [my] schedule. Because at the time when I started Shaklee I had four kids, I was homeschooling, my husband was gone a ton, and to me that confidence piece wasn’t there. And so I was just fitting it in when it was convenient. And then when I realized…I’m a mompreneur! I got this. I want to impact more people. And now my youngest is 15, my oldest is 24, I got two kids out of the house, and I love it! And so, it’s just finding the balance of almost not doing too much and being present with my kids. So I really worked on how [to] have my Shaklee office hours and treat it like a job. I’m showing up, but then I’m also shutting it down so I can be fully present [for] my husband, my kids. It evolves and that’s the beauty of it. I can be flexible with it, I am my [own] CEO. I can determine the hours I want to spend. I can determine the lifestyle I’m looking at, and if I want this kind of lifestyle, I know I need to put in more effort and have more time [to] build it a certain way. So I love the flexibility I really experienced over the years.

Robin: You mentioned, “Treat it like a job.” We’re entrepreneurs, and I think that’s the entrepreneurial challenge, right? It’s where you fit in, where you put in, because we do have that flexibility.

Christine: One of my girlfriends, actually [the] friend who invited me into the business, she posted on Instagram yesterday and said, “We’re hope dealers.” Like we really give hope to people. So I loved and resonated with that. Because I feel like…changing one person’s life is…it’s purpose, it’s meaning in life that we get to do and be a part of.

Robin: So, you mentioned, “wellness tribe” right? When I had a hard time in my life it’s when I really recognized the value of my Shaklee community, my family, my wellness tribe. When they were there for me and encouraging me and supporting me…I knew there was all that love there.

Christine: I feel like that is so key in what I want to do—enrich people. Even if it’s just one person, I would do this to change one person’s life.

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