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My Shaklee Story | Get to Know Tif & Coleton

As a first-generation American, Tif started her journey with Shaklee in her early 20’s and has continued to grow her business for over 10 years.

Coleton, a full-time social worker and personal trainer discovered Shaklee when he was searching for the opportunity to help others with their health and wellness.

In their conversation, Tif and Coleton share about their unique wellness journeys and independent businesses.

Coleton: So, I understand you’ve been in the business for 10+ years.

Tif: My mom introduced me, and since then I transformed using the products; I lost some weight, I felt better, people started to ask me and that was like my slow journey into Shaklee. And eventually, I made the decision to build a business for real…now it’s been nine or ten years.

Coleton: I’m a full-time school social worker, and I also do some personal training on the side. I had some Shaklee products, and the rest is history. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Tif: People want to be a part of that vibrant energy and community, and the whole thing about this is that we get to enjoy life. We get to bring joy, connection, family, and all those things. And so, this business really allows us to do that if we do it right.

Coleton: I think the biggest impact that I want to make is I want to just live my healthiest life and share my story with others. And just let them know that even if you are [just] getting on your health and wellness journey, that you are not alone…I want to be able to go on this journey with you and help you reach your goals. I want to impact as many people as I can.

Tif: If I were to boil it all down, the type of impact I would like to leave people with is the feeling of belonging. The sense that everybody belongs and has a place in this world is something that I’m really passionate about that I feel Shaklee allows.

Coleton: I think that is why I got into education in the first [place]…to give to others, and just to be there and support people.

Tif: I feel like as a millennial, we’ve already been through one really big economic shift coming out of high school…it was the foundation of my experience. The first recession really took our family down which was how we found Shaklee to begin with. I decided I wanted to be “recession-proof.” It’s what I called it. And so no matter whether the economy went up or down, I felt like Shaklee was the way to control my freedom, my flexibility, and my finances. I feel more equipped and I’m really proud of millennials…We make entrepreneurship a real lifestyle.

Coleton: We want to set ourselves up for the future, but also set the generation after us up too, right? In laying that foundation…building this community of health and wellness, and just really being a support for others.

Tif: For me, I’m a first-generation American. And all the expectations were on me to fulfill the American dream. Being able to receive the gift of being in America, and then being able to give that gift back in the way of the opportunity of Shaklee—health, vibrance, fulfillment, purpose, and travel. Thankfully because of Shaklee I was able to succeed.

Coleton: I think with our generation…having a side gig has become more…it’s okay to talk about. You hear more people talking about multiple streams of revenue, and of income. And people are more open to that, especially our generation. There’s so much opportunity in this world. And if you just take advantage of it you could live the life that you want to live which is having that freedom…You can become what you want to become. Be your own boss, spend more time with family, and travel more. I think that speaks to our generation and what we want to accomplish in life. And you see more and more people taking more risks and betting on themselves. It’s a scary thing, right? But if you have the confidence that you can overcome any adversity, then nothing can stop you.

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