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My Shaklee Story | Get to Know Pam & Rachel

Pam was a Shaklee customer who worked as a corporate buyer. She became an Ambassador when she needed more flexibility to be a stay-at-home mom.

Rachel was a dietician who was introduced to Shaklee products through her colleagues.

Both women recognized the lack of good nutrition in the average American’s diet and discovered how a wellness business helped others break the cycle of unhealthy habits.

These Ambassadors not only saw how Shaklee gives people solutions they need to live healthier, but also how the Shaklee Community supports you no matter who you are or where you are in your wellness journey.

Pam: I was a corporate buyer. I was learning a lot about food and still on that wellness and nutrition [routine] in my life. And I was working a lot; I worked 70 hours a week. So, when I took the leap, after I had a couple of kids and I really wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, I leaned into Shaklee a little bit. I had been using the products, I looked up my local Shaklee lady in the phonebook…bought from her for almost a decade. Now, I said, “Hey, can I get my products for any less money? Can I get them for cheaper?” And so I asked her and she said, “Well, you can become a Distributor.” It was called a “Distributor” back then. And you know what? I found a place. I found a place where I can work when I want with who I want. And the more I worked, the more effort I put in, the more I got out of that.

Pam: So, tell me how you came to know Shaklee.

Rachel: So I [am a] dietician. [I] was at a lunch, and I was there with a couple of my colleagues up in Portland. And they were talking about these Omega-3 Gellys™. [They said,] “I got 300 mg of EPA and DHA.” And they’re passing [them] around the table like after-dinner mints. And I’m like, “Oh my gosh, these are wonderful! Who makes these?” She’s like, “Shaklee!” I’m like, “Wait…Shaklee? The Shaklee?” And that was it. You know, came home that night and I got on the computer. And I started looking at their products, I scrolled down, and I saw that they had an index glossary of the science and the history of Shaklee. I started reading and started learning. And I was like, “Wow!”

Pam: You know, we eat S.A.D., the standard American diet…we’re the most well fed and the most poorly nourished nation in the world. So as a dietician, how do you find that… is it more and more challenging as the time goes on?

Rachel: It’s so challenging because you have…the “mecca” of those who are stuck in their…bad habits, negative mindsets, habits that trigger other habits. So, when they start to go down that path…not having good resources, good tools, good nutrients that they’re putting in their body, not realizing that while they think they’re eating healthy they’re not looking at labels. They don’t know how to read labels and it’s not necessarily in the label, right? A lot of it is just chemicals that are put in there that…they don’t know what that means…

Pam: There’s a lot of questions when they stand in the vitamin aisle…they don’t really know.

Rachel: Yea, so it’s like an uphill battle. So again, I feel like as… [Shaklee] Ambassadors, we need to get a little louder, but get louder in the transparency of truth. The truth in the market. The truth about health. The truth about wellness. The truth about what we can offer because it’s not a massive change that people need to make; it’s [the] small incremental changes. It’s that compound effect; it’s making a change here and sticking with it, being consistent. One foot in front of the other, and sooner [than] later you’re going to see it…. So we have to change and shift the way we think so we can have a more realistic approach to health and wellness and bring wellness to every home.

Pam: It’s the community here at Shaklee and the Shaklee family that really is…the wonderful thing and one of the most important aspects of this opportunity.

Rachel: I have never felt more welcomed…it’s always an emotional [thing] for me. Because you…take that leap…of faith and you come into a community. And you guys are all so welcoming. So many different ages, demographics; it made me realize that this is for everybody. It’s not just for one person. This isn’t a cookie-cutter business. And it’s not about an age, it’s not about physicality, it’s not about how blonde your hair is or…where you were, what your social media looks like. Nobody cares about that. Nobody cares how many followers you have [or] how many likes you have on a post; that’s not what this is about. This is about community, it’s about people helping other people to live their best, their healthiest, their most abundant life.

Pam: It’s a gathering of people that are like-minded like you say. And when you bring those people together who are caring and passionate and have a love for other people, only good things can come from that. We’re at our best every day because we’re feeding our body good things. And that’s nutrition and good words and good messages from good people…we can make the world better.

Rachel: Absolutely.

Pam: And that’s what I love about the Shaklee Opportunity here…simply put, these products change lives.

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