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YOUTH® Special Offer – Free YOUTH® Restoring Eye Treatment with Purchase of Select YOUTH® Regimen

One FREE YOUTH® Restoring Eye Treatment with purchase! Purchase any YOUTH® Advanced Regimen or Personalized Regimen and get a free YOUTH® Restoring Eye Treatment.

This offer is open to everyone—Guests, Members, Ambassadors, Associates, and Business Leaders— one Free YOUTH® Restoring Eye Treatment per order.

*Excludes the YOUTH® Anti-Aging Regimen (#89454).

YOUTH® Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen #89453

The entire Advanced Anti-Aging Regimen was designed to work together for improved skin texture, radiance, and firmness, and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  Formulated with active anti-aging ingredients in every single product in the line, YOUTH® provides treatment benefits in each of the four simple steps.

YOUTH® Advanced Hydration Regimen #89504

The Advanced Hydration Regimen is formulated to address intense hydration and moisture retention with YOUTH® Moisture Activating Serum and YOUTH® Moisture Lock Day Cream—featuring Active Cellular Hydration Technology™ to revitalize, refresh, and protect your skin, leaving it smoother, plumper, and softer.

YOUTH® Personalized Regimen #89513

The Personalized Regimen is designed for you to customize your skin care regimen based on your concerns and preferences and to adjust it when you experience changes.  YOUTH® skin care provides the most advanced anti-aging and hydration benefits with options for selecting the serum, day moisturizer, and night cream that best suit your needs.

Offer Rules

  1. Offer available in the US.
  2. Open to all! That includes Guests, Members, Ambassadors, Associates, and Business Leaders.
  3. Every order that includes a YOUTH®Regimen (#89453, #89504, or #89513) will receive one Free YOUTH® Restoring Eye Treatment ($65 SRP).
  4. Eligible orders must be placed online. Loyalty Orders are eligible.
  5. This offer does not apply to orders placed through the Call Center.
  6. There is no point value (PV) on the free product and the free product can’t be returned for cash or product credit or exchanged for another product.
  7. Valid for one Free YOUTH®Restoring Eye Treatment per order.
  8. Offer good while supplies last.
*Excludes the YOUTH® Anti-Aging Regimen (#89454).