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Shaklee Partners with CleanHub for Earth Month

We believe the planet deserves to be protected and we’re committed to leading by example through providing planet-friendly products, reducing our impact, and partnering with organizations who are doing the same.

This Earth month, Shaklee is partnering with CleanHub to ensure the safe collection and recovery of ocean-bound plastic.

Why Oceans?

Every minute, the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our ocean, harming marine life and biodiversity…and hindering the ocean’s natural ability to remove carbon from the atmosphere…one of the many ways the ocean stems the tide against climate change.

Our Partner: CleanHub

CleanHub is on a mission to end plastic pollution by building a collective solution to the plastic problem.

Through brand partnerships, educational efforts, and empowering local coastal communities, they’ve

collected over 6,000,000 kilograms of plastic waste and partnered with more than 300 brands, helping them reduce plastic and collect more than they use.

Learn more about the work of CleanHub here.

Our Impact Goal:

Through our partnership with CleanHub, we’ve set a goal to recover 15,000 pounds of plastic – the equivalent of 750,000 plastic bottles!

Let’s do this together!

We’ve created a few ways you and your customers can help us reach this 15,000-pound goal:

  • Every purchase of our April Wellness Bundle (#89764 Reset & Recharge Bundle) will help us recover 1 pound of plastic toward our goal.
  • Use the convenient links below to make your CleanHub donation! When sharing with retail customers or prospects, make sure the beginning of the link includes your unique shareable link or storefront name. Spell the link out so people can see the URL – it should still be a hyperlink but we want people to see the full link (spelled out) so they can copy it.
    ·      $5 Donation –
    ·      $1 Donation –
  • $1 Donation: Use Item number: #90057 to donate $1 or more and help us collect 2 pounds of plastic toward our goal.
  • $5 Donation: Use Item #90058 to donate $5 or more and help us collect 10 pounds of plastic toward our goal.
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