Reap Rewards

Reap Rewards

A rewarding lifestyle isn’t cars and it isn’t trips…it is the ability to change other people’s lives…” – Harper, Shaklee Master Coordinator.

At Shaklee you’re rewarded in direct proportion to the number of people you help – get healthier, earn an income or live a lifestyle that they’ve only dreamed about.

When you do that, when you help other people succeed, the sky is the limit for what you can experience – everything from a car payment to travel and more, a business that can support your family for generations to come.

And get inspired by the story of Master Coordinators Harper and Ryan who have experienced incredible rewards in building a Shaklee business while making a big difference in the lives of others.

Healthy Lifestyle

The best proof of the promise of Shaklee products is the health and vitality of those who use our product

The Landmark Study is the most important independent study of long-term supplement usage ever. The study showed that people who used Shaklee supplements had much healthier biomarkers of heart, brain, and cognitive health compared to people who didn’t use any supplements at all or those who used a non-Shaklee supplement.†

When you build a Shaklee business by beginning with your own health journey, the impact can be bigger than money… changed health and a changed life.


“Shaklee has allowed us the opportunity to travel the world, experience amazing people and cultures.” – Debbie & Tony, Senior Master Coordinators

As your success grows Shaklee gives you the opportunity to see the world. Places like Paris, Bali, China and Tuscany just to name a few. There are also stays in some of the most exclusive beachside resorts in Mexico, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

And travel with Shaklee means five-star, dream destinations with experiences usually reserved for the rich and famous.

Tax Benefits*

Owning a business may come with tax benefits. And who doesn’t love a write off? Consult your financial professional to find out if you’re eligible.


“When I saw Shaklee close-up and met the scientists and corporate staff, I realized Shaklee was for real. I also met people who were earning a six-figure income and I just felt if I stayed focused and worked hard, I too, could have the lifestyle and financial freedom that came with being a Master Coordinator.” – Jeanne and Steve, Senior Master Coordinators.

The beauty of a Shaklee business is that you can set your own salary and income. For some, they’re looking for enough to pay for summer camp for their children. Others want to save money for a special trip.

Still others want to earn a career income…and start a business that they can leave to their children.

It’s all possible. The only limitation is your own imagination.

Freedom & Flexibility

“What has been so amazing is freedom we have and the opportunities we’ve been given to live our lives the way we desire.”  Katie

For so many, Shaklee has given them the flexibility to make different choices. Choices that expand their horizons and open up what is possible. People who have been able to stay home with their children, or leave a job they didn’t like. Others have been able to do work they’re passionate about and be of service to their families and communities.

Shaklee can enable you to do that and more.

Get inspired by the story of Katie and Sam, who have been able to craft a life that works for them and their family with Shaklee.


Average annual income for each rank is calculated monthly based on information reported on Form 1099-MISC for all U.S. Business Leaders who achieved the rank that month. The sum of these monthly averages is the figure reported above. Results will vary with effort. Shaklee Corporation does not guarantee that any particular income level will be achieved. Click here to see Shaklee average incomes by rank.