Taking everything you’ve learned so far, it’s time to build on your success. By investing in teaching others to create their own business, you’re able to keep your eye on your future while helping others.

Advance to Coordinator and Beyond

Now that you’ve reached the first milestone of Director, you’re well on your way to the rank of Coordinator.

Now the next step is helping others. By learning how to share Shaklee, you can teach others to do the same. Find business builders and invest time to teach and develop a team.

Watch as Jennifer Glacken shares how the Dream Plan Works and learn more about how to grow your business in the Shaklee compensation plan.

The more you coach and develop Leaders on your team, the stronger your own future can be. Remember to be patient. Stay focused on your future growth; it all starts with a solid foundation!

Teach Others to do the Same

“This is a leadership business and over the past few years, I have worked diligently on developing leadership skills within our organization and the growth has been explosive. One leadership quality I strongly believe in is modeling behavior. If you want your team to sponsor, you must sponsor! As I have coached and mentored our team to embrace this philosophy, they have become leaders developing leaders who develop leaders.” – Jennifer, Senior Master Coordinator

With all your success, it’s time to teach others to do what you’ve done and support them as they get off the ground. Here are some tips to help you on your way.


  • Attitude – Positive, upbeat, can-do spirit, committed
  • Approach – Service-oriented; success through helping others succeed
  • Activities – Following the path (creating engagement, talking to new people, sharing Shaklee, sponsoring and enrolling, and helping new people get on the path to a healthier life and/or a thriving Shaklee business)


  • Allow the new person to shadow you and watch you in action, particularly as you talk to new people, host presentations, and sponsor
  • Help new team members through their first meetings and closing prospects through three-way calls, etc.


  • Help new people put together a plan based on their why and goals, and then help them stay on track with that plan

The Mindset of a Leader

Listen as Shaklee Senior Master Coordinator Rick Seymour shares why the right mindset is key for anyone coaching and leading others.

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