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New Car Qualifiers


New Car Qualifiers

Congratulations to the latest members of the Shaklee Family to earn their Dream Car Bonus! Dream Car Bonuses are just one part of the Shaklee Dream Plan – a program of exciting rewards and incentives for people who want to build a business and create the lifestyle of their dreams in Shaklee. (Qualifiers are listed in alphabetical order of last name.)

Stacey Foley

Daniella Lavi

Sarah Mayo

Christi Silbaugh

Samantha & Brian Kalasek

Suguo Lin

Christine & Steve Van Diest

Stacy Ali

Neeraj Dinakara

Shuzheng Huang

Shuwen Jin

Jingjun Lyu

Mia & Christian Rainbolt

Amy Thach

Jing Wang

Jiaan Zhao

Chao Guo

Rachel Harshfield

Sherry Jenkins

Jiurong Su

Elizabeth Tanglis

Guohui Gao

Ming Li

Chaofan Lu

Guotai Qi

Ingrid Vargas

Xunhua Wang

Yanwu Wang

Licheng Wang

Zuxin Weng

Featured Car Qualifier Success Story


Kristen and John
“Spreading good health and wealth with families we care about is the reason we started this business and to be rewarded so graciously has been the icing on the cake!”