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Welcome to Generation Health

Gen H is a movement that matters. It’s a powerful new way of talking about the Shaklee Community that inspires us to stay in touch with our mission and invites others to be a part.

What is Generation Health?

Gen H is the only generation not defined by age. We are not Millennials, or Gen Zers, or Baby Boomers, or Gen Xers…we are Generation Healthers. Generation Health is a movement. It’s OUR movement. A movement that matters because WE have the power to change habits. To change choices. To change lives. A movement with an invitation to be part of the healthiest generation on the planet.

The best way to become part of Generation Health is through Shaklee.

Gen H is a powerful new way of talking about Shaklee and our commitment to wellness. It is who we aspire to be and the practical ways we show up in the world.

Being part of Generation Health means:

  • Unifying generations of people with shared values
  • Being committed to the health and well-being of yourself, others, and the planet
  • Sharing what you learn with others

How can you share Gen H? You’re already doing it! When you share your healthy morning routine, show yourself making your shakes with your kids, post science-backed wellness information on your timeline or celebrate a business goal with your team, you are offering your networks a window into what makes the Shaklee community special. And you invite them to ask questions, to see themselves in our community, and make the decision to join our wellness movement!

Spreading the Word: #iamGenH

Use the month of August to share Shaklee using the Gen H message! Post on social using the #iamGenH hashtag talking about the ways you embody Generation Health every day.

Use the message with the New Ambassador Join Offer available through August 31 to invite new people to join your team in anticipation of the Wellness Communities launch in September!

Who Is Generation Health?

A generation of health seekers. Morning shakers. Step counters. Glass half-fullers. A generation that knows a single sip can set the tone for the day.

A generation that knows no age. A community that lives young at heart. A source of proven knowledge. A commitment to the ageless pursuit of living well.

Generation Health is a movement. A powerful one.

A wellness movement that matters.

We have the power to change habits. Change choices. Change lives.

When people come together – magic happens. Cheering each other on to live better every day. Sharing knowledge, science, and clinically proven products rooted in nature.

Generation Health is a community that cultivates connection. And health is the line that connects us all.

So, let’s start something together. Break through the noise. Create new habits. Spark new connections.

Make healthy happen.

Get Rewarded and Represent Your Generation

Make healthy happen for new people to earn exclusive Shaklee-branded apparel with the Gen H Growth Incentive!


Product sales from the new people you sponsor now through the end of September will help you qualify for exclusive Shaklee apparel.

Qualification Period: August 1, 2023 – September 30, 2023

Who can participate: Open to all Ambassadors and Business Leaders (with an exclusive top-tier award for 2023 Conference Registrants).

You Must:

  • Pledge to help lead a Wellness Community by September 30, 2023; and
  • Purchase a Conference Bundle by August 31, 2023; and
  • Sell at least $500 to new people during the incentive.
  • For the Varsity Jacket: be a 2023 Conference Registrant.


The rewards are cumulative, so you can earn all 3 rewards if you achieve the $1500 tier:

  • $500 Tier = Hat
  • $1000 Tier = Hoodie
  • $1500 Tier = Varsity Jacket