Share Product and the Income Opportunity

Sharing Product and the Income Opportunity

Connect 1 on 1 with your friends and family & Do your first Social post


Connect with them about….

  • What you are doing
  • Why you are doing it
  • How it can help them

 Use this sample script as a way to start (product)

Hey! I have been using some amazing new products a friend told me about. I feel better than I ever have, and they help tons with building immunity. The whole family is taking them. They are a must try, natural and safe! Can we connect tomorrow?

Use this sample script as a way to start (business)

Hey, I started a side business. It’s a work from home option, daily pay and they are offering to help me get off to a fast start. You also get a discount on cleaning and nutrition products. You can get the details in a virtual event…. Where can I send the link? You’ll want to watch it.

Do your first social post

Your goal with your first post, is simple: post something that creates engagement.

Engage with people in comments on your post

Now that you have done your first post, learning how to respond to comments on your post is critical

Use this Responding To Do List every single time:

  • Acknowledge them by name
  • Acknowledge what they said
  • Say something to keep the conversation going
  • Try to move the conversation to 1-on-1

When you engage with people 1-on-1 ask permission to invite them to take their next action.

In a 1-on-1 setting, issue an invitation

The ultimate invitation would be asking someone to purchase the Prove It Challenge or Immunity Challenge Pack, or to asking them to join your business as a Shaklee Distributor. If timing isn’t appropriate to issue that invitation, consider asking them to join one our Facebook communities.

Need some wording? Use these examples as a way to invite them to join:

(Interested in Product, send to Healthy @ Home) “I’ve loved chatting with you about these products. There is a Facebook® group that gives lots of great advice on staying healthy while we are all staying home. They have everything from healthy recipes, cleaning your house to how to relieve stress. Can I add you…it has been super helpful!”

(Interested in Business, send to WFAShaklee) “I’ve loved chatting with you about earning some extra money with Shaklee. There is a Facebook® group that gives lots of Information about it. Can I add you…it has been super helpful, and it has great examples of people that it is actually working for.”

Follow up

You might be following up with people who haven’t joined, or maybe following up with people who have. Here are some great tips on being effective with both

If they have joined/purchased:

  • Make sure they understand our loyalty benefits
  • Make sure they have a great product experience from day 1.

If they haven’t purchased, repeat the 4 steps: connect, engage, invite and follow up until they are ready to purchase or join you.

Just remember, the goal is never about forcing a sale, it is always about creating meaningful relationships.

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