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VIP Elite Rewards and Recognition Program

Making Wellness Your Business is more rewarding than ever with the VIP Elite Rewards and Recognition Program. Share Shaklee products and teach others to do the same to earn unique experiences, exceptional gifts, and inspiring recognition!

How It Works: Key business activities, such as sponsoring, retention, building your team, generating sales volume, and rank advancement, are assigned point values. Earn enough points and you can qualify for progressively greater incentives – including high-tech gifts, destination travel, and more!

What’s New:

  • Simplified way to earn points and a more unified way to earn rewards in Shaklee
  • The quarterly rewards program is now aligned with VIP Elite Points
  • Star Club Trip is now the VIP Elite Incentive Trip
  • A new category for earning points called Personal Team Volume (PTV)
  • A new retention category that rewards you for helping your newly sponsored Ambassadors grow their volume
  • A new “Shaklee Cares Elite Retreat” trip which combines the previous “Scottsdale” and “Shaklee Cares Service Trip” into one awesome trip that is now part of the VIP Elite Program

Watch as Shaklee Director of Sales outlines the changes in our VIP Elite Incentives and Rewards Program.

Incentive Reference Documents

What is PTV?

PTV is Personal Team Volume, a new way of earning VIP Elite points through the volume generated by the sales of your group. It includes:

  • Your personal purchases up to 500 QV points

  • The purchases of your customers and Members

  • The purchases of your 1st level Ambassadors, regardless of their rank, and their customers and Members (up to 500 in volume per Ambassador)

Watch the video as Senior Vice President of Sales, Cim Carver takes you through a detailed explanation of PTV, including how it’s different than other volume measurements used in Shaklee.

UPDATE/CORRECTION TO VIDEO TRAINING ON PTV: There will be no 500 PV cap on the volume contributed to your PTV from your 1st level Ambassadors, regardless of their rank, and their customers and Members, at least through June 2024.

VIP Elite Qualification Tiers and Rewards

Set your sights to reach one of four progressively bigger reward tiers!

General Requirements

  • Must be a Paid-As Director or higher for at least 4 consecutive months
    (and hold through the trip)
  • All VIP Elite ranks must personally sponsor at least 2 Ambassadors in the qualification year

How to Earn VIP Elite Points

We’ve assigned point values to team building, sponsoring, retention, and other business activities. Earn enough points through these activities and you can qualify for exciting incentives – including high-tech gifts, destination travel, and more!

General Requirements

  • Must be a Paid-As Director or higher for at least 4 consecutive months
    (and hold through the trip)
  • All VIP Elite ranks must personally sponsor at least 2 Ambassadors in the qualification year


Business Leader Development50 pts for every new 1st Generation Business Leader rank advancement (must hold 4 consecutive months).Max per BL: 150 pts
Personal Rank AdvancementDirector – 30 pointsYearly max: none
Senior Director – 50 points
Coordinator – 75 points
Senior Coordinator – 90 points
Executive Coordinator – 110 points
Senior Executive Coordinator – 145 points
Key Coordinator – 180 points
Senior Key Coordinator – 210 points
Master Coordinator – 250 points
Senior Master Coordinator – 275 points
Presidential Master Coordinator – 300 points

Please note: Rank must be held for at least four consecutive months (without the use of Volume Grace Months or Waivers) to earn VIP Elite Points.

SPONSORING POINTS (Used for the Quarterly Incentive)

Star Club Bonus10 pts per bonus earnedYearly max: 120 pts (240 pts Gold & Platinum)
Ambassador Sponsoring5 pts per Ambassador enrollmentYearly max: 60 pts (120 pts Gold & Platinum)
  • The new Ambassador can be a newly enrolled Ambassador or Member upgrade with a qualifying order of $100 or more.

  • Sponsoring points are given to the Original Sponsor


RETENTION POINTS (Used for the Quarterly Incentive)

New 2024 Ambassador Enrollments who reach $500+ in total sales15 pts per new Ambassador who does thisYearly max: 150 pts (300 pts Gold & Platinum)
Monthly PTV Growth – Beat your 2023 monthly PTV average (or 2000, whichever is higher) by 250 PTV10 pts for each monthYearly max: 120 pts
  • When you sponsor a new Ambassador in 2024 (including ‘upgrades’ from Member) with a $100+ order, you earn 5 points from the Sponsoring category. When that new Ambassador reaches a total of $500 in sales made in 2024, you earn 15 additional points. That is 20 points possible from every new Ambassador enrollment you have!

  • All Ambassadors will be able to see their 2023 average monthly PTV number in their back office and each month you have a PTV that is 250 points or more higher than that 2023 monthly average, you will earn 10 points.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The PTV Tracker will not be live until mid-February. All Ambassadors will receive an email with their PTV Growth monthly base at the end of January.



Attend Leadership Summit10 pts for registering and attendingYearly max: 10 pts
Personal Loyalty Orders10 pts for each 1 pt for first Loyalty Order in a monthYearly max: 12 pts
Earn all Quarterly Incentives50 pts for earning all Quarterly IncentivesYearly max: 50 pts

New Quarterly Reward Program

Earn premium gifts and experiences each quarter as you make progress in the VIP Elite Program with the Quarterly Reward Program.

How It Works: Each quarter has a special Tier 1 and Tier 2 prize that you can earn!

Tier 1

Earn at least 40 VIP Elite points in the quarter

  • At least 30 VIP Elite Sponsoring points
  • At least 10 VIP Elite Retention points

Tier 2

Earn at least 80 VIP Elite points in the quarter

  • At least 60 VIP Elite Sponsoring points
  • At least 20 VIP Elite Retention points

Adventure Awaits with the Q2 Reward!

We’re looking forward to sunny days at the beach and sleeping under the stars with our Q2 rewards!

  • Tier 1: Yeti® Camino® 35 Carryall Tote Bag (40 points) – a $200 value
  • Tier 2: Yeti® Tundra Haul® Wheeled Cooler (80 points) – a $575 value

More About Our Q2 Rewards

Tier 1: Yeti® Camino® 35 Carryall Tote Bag
(a $200 value)

Tough inside and out, the Camino 35 Carryall features deployable dividers and two interior zippered pockets. Made from waterproof, ultra-durable, and easy-to-clean material, this tote bag will make any adventure’s dirty work a little easier.

Tier 2: Yeti® Tundra Haul® Wheeled Cooler
(a $575 value)

Easily transport goods to family picnics and that perfect tailgating spot with the YETI Tundra Hard Cooler. Built with Yeti’s legendary durability and cold-holding power, this wheeled cooler is the toughest cooler on two wheels.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Shaklee Cares® Elite Retreat / September 19–22, 2024

Relax and have a real impact…all in luxury style at the Shaklee Cares Elite Retreat in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Shaklee Cares Elite Retreat Qualifications

By the end of June 2024 PV Month:

  • Be fully qualified for Silver Elite – 350 points+ minimum requirements
  • Be a Paid-As Coordinator rank, or higher, in June 2024

Historic New Orleans is recognized the world over for its architecture of French, Spanish, and Creole influences, rich history, unique cuisine, and round-the-clock nightlife. Located along the coast of the Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico, its perpetual summer-like climate adds a unique feeling to its cosmopolitan atmosphere.

During your time in New Orleans, you’ll also have the privilege to live out our mission of Making Healthy Happen™ by serving the local community in partnership with Feed NOLA. Feed NOLA is a partner of Giving Hope NOLA, which works with the New Orleans Food Pantry to help combat food insecurity in New Orleans.

Don’t miss this opportunity to soak up the vibrant culture of The Big Easy as you network with and get inspired by your fellow Shaklee leaders.

VIP Elite Incentive Trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic / April 7–11, 2025

We’re headed to the lush, tropical beaches of the Dominican Republic for our VIP Elite Incentive Trip! For 5 days/4 nights our VIP Elite qualifiers will enjoy an elegant, beachfront experience at the Paradisus Palma Real Golf & Spa Resort, a five-star, all-inclusive property.

VIP Elite Incentive Trip Qualifications:

  • Earn the trip for one at VIP Bronze Elite

  • Earn the trip for two at VIP Silver Elite

More About the Paradisus Palma Real Golf & Spa Resort: 

Savor the pure essence of the Caribbean while relaxing on the spotless white sand and swimming in the warm, crystal-clear waters of Bávaro Beach, THE best beach in Punta Cana!

Exclusive beachfront resort, fully renovated, featuring colonial-style architecture with Hispanic influences. The resort, which has an elegant and classic flair, comprises modern, brand-new suites and the utmost attention to detail. Whether traveling with the family or on an adults-only getaway, this all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana guarantees endless unforgettable surprises.

Discover an oasis of luxury with breathtaking tropical surroundings, elegant suites, and a beachfront pool. Enjoy variety and superb quality at over a dozen magnificent restaurants and bars where you can travel the world with delicious Italian, Asian, Latin, Caribbean cuisine and more. Lounge all day on the beach or fill your days and nights in a lively atmosphere with activities and entertainment for all ages. For an optional fee, enjoy golf, a full-service spa, wine tasting, dance classes, massage lessons, painting, photography and water sports including sailing, windsurfing, kayaks, catamarans, and snorkeling. Whatever you decide, you’ll be treated like the star that you are with impeccable service and amenities.

Set a goal to be on the VIP Elite Incentive Trip with your entire team!

Leadership and PTV Growth Special Invitations

In addition to earning the Trip at Bronze and Silver Elite, there are two more exciting ways to earn a spot on the VIP Elite Incentive trip:

Leadership Invitation

Get an invitation for one (1) to the VIP Elite Incentive Trip when you:

  • Are Paid-as Key, or above, 9+ months during the year
  • Have 3 Business Leaders within six generations qualify as Bronze or higher
  • Personally sponsor at least 2 Ambassadors during the year

PTV Grow to Go Invitation

  • Increase your total 2024 PTV by 24,000 over your 2023 total and get an invite for one person to the VIP Elite trip
  • Grow it by 36,000 and get an invite for two people
  • Must sponsor at least 2 Ambassadors
To attend the trip, you must be a Paid-As Director or higher four consecutive months during the qualification period. Once that requirement is met, your Paid-As rank may not fall below Director in any month through the month of the Trip. A month in which a Volume Grace Month or waiver was used does not count as a month in which Director Rank was held.

VIP Elite Recognition

Premium gifts, unique experiences, and celebrations that spotlight your achievements – are just some of the rewards you’ll experience when you qualify as a VIP Elite Ambassador.

Exclusive Swag

Show your accomplishments with pride with stylish gifts curated especially for our 2024 VIP Elite Ambassadors.

VIP Amenities at Shaklee Incentive Trips

We’re elevating your experience during Shaklee Incentive Trips with premium amenities and gifts. Our 2024 Gold Elites and 2024 Platinum Elites will also enjoy exclusive activities, including car and concierge service, invitation-only receptions, excursions, and hotel upgrades when available.

Shaklee Leadership Summit Gifts and Recognition

2024 VIP Elite Ambassadors will be invited to the 2024 Shaklee Leadership Summit pre-ceremony reception where they will get access to one of the VIP Elite gifting suites for premium reward gifts. During the event, 2024 VIP Elite Ambassadors will also receive preferred seating and on-stage recognition.

Celebration Opportunities

We’re shouting you out and celebrating your hard work all year long with congratulatory phone calls, virtual celebrations for new ranks, and more! Qualifying as a VIP Elite early in 2024? We will call and celebrate with you in anticipation of 2025. If you qualify early as a 2025 Silver Elite (or above) you may get the chance to qualify for the Shaklee Cares Elite Retreat! Plus, we’ll throw you a party in your hometown when you reach Key Coordinator and fly you to celebrate with Shaklee Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Roger Barnett when you reach Master Coordinator!

Shaklee makes no promises or guarantees regarding additional income and other earnings opportunities, and the success or failure of each Shaklee Ambassador, like with any other business opportunity, depends on your own skills and personal effort. The actual financial results of all Shaklee Ambassadors for the preceding year are contained in the Shaklee Average Earnings Chart that can be found at: Shaklee Average Earnings for the U.S. and Canada which does not include Ambassador costs.
Shaklee Ambassadors do not earn compensation for recruiting or sponsoring other Shaklee Ambassadors. For full details about the Shaklee Compensation Plan, speak to your Shaklee Ambassador or visit