Tasha S. and Colin D.

Master Coordinators

Tasha S. and Colin D.

Master Coordinators


Reaching the rank of Master was the last thing on Tasha’s mind when she first discovered Shaklee in 2010. “I started off looking for green cleaners, found the weight-loss products, and then stumbled upon the business opportunity,” the mother of two recalls. She and Colin took advantage of the FastTRACK career path and started ascending the Shaklee ladder, earning thousands in FastTRACK cash bonuses along the way to the top.

Tasha stresses that “there are no secrets” to being so successful and promoting to Master Coordinator so quickly. “Get really good at the basics,” she advises. “Strive for excellence in the fundamentals of this business: prospecting, inviting, sharing, following up, etc. Track and pay attention to how often you’re doing these basic things. Success lies in your calendar and your daily activity. You have to overcome the fear and obstacles that are preventing you from excelling at these basics. Grow personally and believe not only in Shaklee’s potential but also, more importantly, in your potential in Shaklee.”

Tasha says that she and Colin inspire each other to grow their business and reach new goals. “And, of course, our children inspire us,” she adds. “The idea of a long-term residual income that can be passed down for generations keeps us going. We long to be serving and giving well into old age, so the idea of being more and giving more in the last third of our life certainly inspires us, as well.”

Because of the Shaklee incentive trips they’ve earned, the couple has travelled the world with their teammates. They’ve made history by becoming the first Canadians to receive a Dream Plan Bonus Car and then becoming the first to qualify for a second car. And, needless to say, being recognized as Masters in Long Beach was an extraordinary experience.

But in a career filled with such wonderful achievements and rewards, what stands out as the most cherished moment for Tasha and Colin is their 2013 Hometown Celebration. When they promoted to Key Coordinators in 2012, they were honoured the following spring with a special party attended by 25 of their closest business partners, friends, and family, as well as members of the Shaklee Canada Home Team – and hosted by none other than Shaklee Chairman and CEO Roger Barnett.

“I promised Roger that I’d get to Master,” Tasha says. “And I don’t break my promises!”

Now that she’s made good on that promise, Tasha says she’s pressing on to Senior Master Coordinator, and that her other business goals consist of “helping each of our legs advance a rank or two, including developing two Key Coordinator teams.”

As for personal goals, “we’d like to have a positive impact on our community’s health and spiritual needs (we’re looking at a building fund/vision),” she says, “and for Colin and me to be present in our children’s lives – on a daily basis.”

*These earnings, bonuses, and incentive achievements are not typical. See the Average Annual Earnings statement [link to: https://events.shaklee.com/averageincomes/] for full average earnings data. For information on all incentives, including the Quarterly Incentive, see the current year Incentive Booklet [link to: https://events.shaklee.com/current-promos/#incentives-faqs].