Nary V.

Senior Master Coordinator

Nary V.

Senior Master Coordinator


From the first day I signed up to build a Shaklee business, my goal has been to become a Presidential Master Coordinator, and I am excited to be one step closer to reaching that goal.

Shaklee has made such a big impact on my life. My business has allowed me the time to nurture the significant relationships in my life while also giving me the opportunity to meet new people. I’ve also enjoyed being able to help others get healthier and wealthier with Shaklee. It is so much fun to see others experience growth or meet a goal– whether that is financial, health-wise, or even just being more fulfilled and content. I know I am making a difference and I am proud to help others succeed.

One of the great things about a Shaklee business is that the same steps you take to grow your business when you start out are the same steps you use to continue to grow. It’s so important to have your own Shaklee story – and that comes by using the products and Shaklee-izing your home. You want to be a walking billboard for what Shaklee can do. Make sure to have “Before and After” pictures of yourself and your team members. When people around you ask about the positive changes they see in you, you’ve got an opportunity to share Shaklee products and the income opportunity.

As you seek to grow your business, it is critical that you ask incoming team members what kind of commitment they are willing to make. When new people join my team, I am direct with them and ask if they really want to work. If they are willing to work, then I commit to give as much of my time as possible to help them reach Master Coordinator.

Success in this business is a matter of being persistent and consistent. Every day talk to new people about Shaklee. Every day make time to coach your team. Every day expect the best of yourself and your team. Every day make the choice to refuse negativity and maintain a positive mindset. Building to Master, Senior Master and Presidential Master is a lifestyle you live, every day.

My best advice to anyone who wants to achieve success in this business is to embrace Shaklee enthusiastically – Shaklee-ize your home and your life and share out of that enthusiasm. Set a daily goal for yourself and your team to talk to at least five people per day. And most of all, dream big, really big!


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