Don and Pat S.

Senior and Lifetime Master Coordinators

Don and Pat S.

Senior and Lifetime Master Coordinators


When Shaklee first came into our lives, we were newly married with a $168 monthly house payment. I was teaching school and Don was representing the Foreign Study League in Southern California.

We first learned about Shaklee from Dr. Myron Kirsch, a California educator with whom Don worked to set up summer study programs in Europe for his school district. Don had come in that day to tell Dr. Kirsch about our imminent move to Colorado and Don noted a huge calendar with dates being marked out. Curious, he asked Dr. Kirsch why those dates were marked. He indicated that he would be retiring early to join his wife Gerri in her Shaklee business. Four days later, we decided to join after having the opportunity to listen, as a couple, to the Kirsch’s story. We were most impressed with the Shaklee philosophy and the possibility of building our own dream life.

Neither of us had come from backgrounds with a lot of money nor a business orientation. What we envisioned from the outset was a chance to create something of our own, something special. We wanted to create something of lasting significance that could alter many lives through the medium of good health and phenomenal opportunity. As our business blossomed and began to spread across the country, it took on the heartbeat of happy, energetic people, all wanting something more than the ordinary with their health and their wealth. Our Shaklee business is steeped in the loyalty of many people which has been the hallmark of our enterprise. Looking back, we can say that in the beginning we viewed the opportunity as what it could do for us, but, in time, the focus evolved into what it could do for so many others.

We’ve had so many amazing trips with Shaklee, but after literally dozens of trips, the top of the list goes to Kenya. It was a blend of exotic safaris and humbling humanitarian experiences. To be able to honor Shaklee Honorary Master Coordinator and Nobel Laureate, Wangari Mathaai’s vision by planting trees in the mountainous region and visit the poorest areas of Nairobi where we were privileged to visit the children who welcomed us with huge smiles and songs…it was an unforgettable experience.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in my 45 years with Shaklee is to manage the invariable disappointments that will come and remain focused on my vision. For Don, it has been realizing that a lot of people need our opportunity but we have to give our time to those who deserve it, not those who simply need it.

If we could share one piece of advice with others seeking to build a successful Shaklee business, it is to constantly be aware of your “why”… needs to be your driving and sustaining force.


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