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2023 Global Conference Recap

Another amazing Global Conference is in the books and we’ve got our marching orders – invite new people to be part of our wellness movement that matters…Generation Health.

Over the next 30 days here are the things you and your team can do to extend the invitation to join the healthiest generation in the world…all while growing your business and earning cool rewards along the way.

Your Call to Action

  1. Pledge to Help Lead a Wellness Community – Wellness Communities are the main way you can invite new and existing customers to experience first-hand what Generation Health is all about in fast, fun, topical wellness groups. Make Your Pledge | Learn More about Wellness Communities
  2. Invite people to Join Generation Health with the New Ambassador Join Offer – August is a perfect month to build your team and get them trained and ready to launch our first Wellness Communities in September. Learn More
  3. And speaking of training, Plug into Weekly Wellness Community Training – Join us each Wednesday at 9:00 am (PT) / 12:00 pm (ET) for Wellness Community Trainings where you’ll learn how to successfully lead a wellness group. Training will be broadcast live in the Shaklee Share & Grow Facebook Group and on Zoom®. Watch your Shaklee email and the Share & Grow group for information.
  4. Get your Conference Bundle – Make sure you’re among the first to experience the new Vivix® Gummies and get a 10-pack of new Vivix mailers for free! Watch your Shaklee email for the purchase link.
  5. Represent Gen H on Social – Share how you represent the Generation Health lifestyle on social using the hashtag #IamGenH. Click here for sharing resources.

Wellness Communities

Grow your business with Wellness Communities, a system of inviting, educating and onboarding new customers that can translate to product sales and help you identify prospective new Ambassadors.

Generation Health

Gen H is the only generation not defined by age. We are not Millennials, or Gen Zers, or Baby Boomers, or Gen Xers… We are Generation Healthers. Generation Health is a movement. It’s OUR movement. A movement that matters because WE have the power to change habits. To change choices. To change lives. A movement with an invitation to be part of the healthiest generation on the planet.

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