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New Compliance Training on the Shaklee Share Mobile App

Protect your Shaklee business by staying up to date on the latest guidelines for sharing Shaklee products and the Shaklee income opportunity with new Business Compliance lessons available on the Shaklee Share Mobile App.

This new series of compliance lessons is organized into a path. The path contains four courses, each with just one short lesson. At the end of each lesson, there is a brief quiz to test your knowledge.

Overview – Covers information available in the Compliance and Business Forms featured under the News & Events section on

Identifying Claims – Provides an overview of what constitutes a claim and what kinds of claims are permissible as a Shaklee business owner.

Income Claims – Gives guidelines for talking about the Shaklee income opportunity and sharing your own experiences of building a Shaklee business, with examples of what to say and what not to say!

Product Claims – Gives guidelines for talking about Shaklee products and sharing our own Shaklee product stories. Includes examples of compliant and non-compliant product stories.

I’ve been in Shaklee for years! Do I need to take these lessons? Yes! Best practices have changed and previous ways of discussing the Shaklee income opportunity and our products are in many cases no longer compliant. All Shaklee Ambassadors, Associates, and Business Leaders should complete this series of Compliance lessons to have the most current guidelines and language for discussing their business.

To find the new Business Compliance Path, visit the Shaklee Share Mobile App and click on the Learn Tab, then scroll to select the Business Compliance Path.

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