Living Proof

“Focus on the process”

At age 6, Ashley was already passionate about having her own Shaklee Business. Everything about it was attractive but especially the chance to make a positive difference.

Prove It Challenge™ Success: Brooke B.

Congratulations to Brooke who recently grew her Business and earned the Live It Share It Growth Challenge incentive, the 2020 Dream Trip to Costa Rica and a car bonus!

Prove It Challenge™ Success: Alison M.

The energy and enthusiasm of the Prove It Challenge™ convinced Alison and her husband to recommit to a healthier lifestyle and share that lifestyle with others—encouraging 4 people to accept the Challenge!

Prove It Challenge™ Success: Cheri G.

Congratulations to Cheri, whose group has gotten 24 people to accept the Prove It Challenge™ by sharing the proof behind Shaklee products—leading to her highest bonus check ever!