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AutoShip Orders Are Now “Loyalty Orders” – Starting August 18

The Loyalty Rewards Program has proven to be a great way to reward our most consistent and loyal customers while, at the same time, helping Shaklee businesses thrive from that greater consistency and frequency of ordering.

In order to do a better job of creating visibility and awareness of Loyalty Rewards, as well as to emphasize the importance of a monthly order in obtaining the benefit of regular use of Shaklee products, we’re rebranding “AutoShip orders” as “Loyalty Orders.”

You’ll see some enhancements to the Product Detail Page, Shopping Cart, Manage AutoShip, and Account Profile bar as this change goes into effect on August 18.

Click here for a brief video explanation of those changes from our Business Leader Webinar.

Updated AutoShip Promotions Flyer
(open to Ambassadors and Members who joined Shaklee before August 2017)
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Updated Loyalty Rewards Program flyer:
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s changing?

  • The name “AutoShip” will be replaced by “Loyalty Order” everywhere it previously appeared. In places where the name appears first or most prominently, we’ll include AutoShip in parentheses (AutoShip) after Loyalty Order while people get used to this change. Here are some examples:
    • Loyalty Order = AutoShip order
    • Loyalty Discount = AutoShip discount
    • Loyalty Price = AutoShip price
  • The “AutoShip” tab in the green “Account Profile” bar will now be named “My Orders (AutoShips)” and will offer two options in a dropdown: Order History and Manage Loyalty Orders (AutoShips)
  • The “Send every 60 days” option will be removed from the Cart for the initial shipment but can be selected for future shipments in the “Manage Loyalty Orders (AutoShips)” tab

Where did the “Send every 60 days” option go?
The “Send every 60 days” option is still available but no longer appears in the Cart. The default is now “Send every 30 days,” which is what’s required to earn Loyalty Rewards. However, the “Send every 60 days” option can be selected in the “Manage Loyalty Orders (AutoShips)” tab.

Will all “Loyalty Orders” generate Loyalty Rewards points now?
No. The qualifications for earning points in the Loyalty Rewards program remain the same. Only Loyalty Orders (AutoShips) of $150 or above qualify for points (placed by the 15th of the month for Ambassadors and above).