Vital Activities 1 – Follow Up

Follow Up

The follow up is critical. Make sure you do what you said you would. Send the link, make the call, whatever it is make good on your promise to them. Watch our video below to understand the importance of follow up.

You might be following up with people who haven’t joined, or maybe following up with people who have. Here are some great tips on being effective with both. To help keep track of all your conversations, we also have a great digital follow up system you can use in your back office.

If they have joined/purchased:

Make sure they understand our loyalty benefits and help them have a great product experience from day 1.

If they haven’t purchased

  • Continue to connect with them.
  • Keep the conversations going, focus on building the relationship.
  • Look for opportunities to invite them to take another action.

Using the digital follow up system

Tracking conversations: creating leads, notes and follow up

Completing follow ups

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