Create Your Own Posts

Use our formula to create a great caption for your posts

  1. Use a GREAT First line: This will either draw people in to read more or tell them they have already seen enough.
  2. Give Context:
    1. Tell a story: People love to hear stories! Let them know what is going on in the photo and your daily life.
    2. Share/solve a problem:
  3. Strong Call to Action (CTA): Ask your audience to DO something! I can be to help you answer a problem, comment on the post, or join you at a virtual event.
  4. Use your OWN voice: Your audience shows up every day in the feed to listen to you. They want to hear your perspective, ideas and stories. They can tell when you are sharing from your personal experience or cutting and pasting someone else’s. Authenticity matters.
  5. Emoji’s & line breaks: Use emojis and line breaks to add interest and balance to your captions. Line breaks make it easier to read longer captions. Consider using a list when appropriate.
  6. Hashtags: Use hashtags appropriately. To add to the story you are telling and to attract the right new audience.
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