This Week in Amazing

This Week in Amazing

It’s been 64 days since we launched the 100 Days to Amazing Facebook group with a campaign that invites everyone in Shaklee to be amazing, to do amazing things, and to stretch for amazing goals over a 100-day period. 

Because we believe that when small steps are taken, every day, amazing things can be accomplished. 

And you show us every day that it’s true.

“Amazing” means genuinely celebrating someone else’s success.  Amazing is pronouncing a “failure” an accomplishment – because we know that we must fail first, many times over, before we can truly succeed.  Amazing is stepping outside your comfort zone into the “Shaklee zone.” For the very first time, trying something you’ve been afraid of.  Or going back to doing something that used to work, but that you stopped doing and forgot about.  Amazing is giving someone the chance to talk, and really listening.  It’s sharing an idea that worked for you, just because it might work for someone else too. 

Here’s just a small sample of the multitude of amazing things that happened This Week in Amazing. 

If you’re missing out, join the group and be inspired!  We can’t wait to see just how amazing you can be! 

I “retired” from my corporate career about six years ago to have the freedom to really enjoy my life every day of the week, not just on weekends. In addition to helping my Shaklee family and friends improve their health, I knew I needed my own health transformation and build a really strong immune system to fight off preventable future diseases. So far, I’ve lost 138 lbs following a Shaklee lifestyle and walking about 10,000 steps/day. Not quite to my goal yet, but I am determined to get there. I have lowered cholesterol, normalized blood pressure, am sinus infection free and have had no colds or flu for 5+ years. How cool is this…Roger Barnett, Shaklee Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, recently met with the Surgeon General who has a desire to put a lot more emphasis on prevention since we are losing the battle with chronic diseases!  This is what we are all about: building health and preventing disease. I’ll never “retire” from my Shaklee lifestyle and business

Patti Ellsworth, Coordinator CA

I’m on a roll Folks! I accepted a challenge today to see how many No’s I could get from today through the rest of October. Well, my daughters have swim lessons on Monday evenings and tonight was their last class for this session. I vowed to my husband that I would talk to at least one person in the class about Shaklee and get their number. The sad truth is that I had sat in the class for 5 weeks and hadn’t said one thing to anybody about anything. And, I just keep telling myself that I can’t expect anything different if I don’t do anything different. I got some good tips from our team call this afternoon from Becky O’Brien and decided to go for it. Well, I exceeded my goals and talked to two ladies and got both of their numbers and e-mails just like Becky said to do it. And, I invited them both to my Shaklee Explosion event on Oct 24th!!! I was really proud of ME!

Rochelle T. Parks, Senior Director, MD

One of my major passions is to help women be financially independent. As a former single mom with no child support or alimony, I was able to support myself and my children via my Shaklee income. I fell in love with Dr. Shaklee’s philosophy, the product and the business opportunity. Today I calculated what kind of income we make and the people we have helped to help others via their health and helping to heal our planet. At times I have felt I was not achieving my purpose. Reviewing this, I see I am getting close yet have more fun and joy to do. I continue with my purpose and see now many couples identifying the mission and vision Dr. Shaklee started so many years ago with the Barnett family taking it forward.

Joanne Nistico, Master Coordinator, VA

It has been a while since I met with a prospect. We drove 2 hours only to find she wasn’t at home and had to drive another 20 minutes to meet in a gas station. She wanted to do the talking, so I listened and left her with a catalogue and the list of ways to get a free membership. I sold her an iron supplement and that was it. I think that was my seriously worst sale in 38 years but you just never know what might happen. There was a connection with us and she has tools in her hands. Life is amazing, isn’t it?

Nancy Douglas, Director, OH

Bonnie Donahue and I had such a fun event today. We packed our new house, kids and all. And in case any of you are wondering, we are not even in the same organization. Just two moms that decided to pull it together and make it happen. I think between the two of us we have two or three people wanting to build the business and lots of moms wanting to get healthier. We even had a request for a skincare party. Go team Shaklee!

Becky Cash, Master Coordinator, IN

Thank you Pam for your post today!! Because of you I learned about the new SIWP tools and printed out some cards for our event tomorrow. Mahalo.

Natasha Sparks, Senior Coordinator, HI