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Grow Your Shaklee Business with Wellness Communities

Grow your business with Wellness Communities, a community-based system to engage with prospective and existing customers.

Wellness Communities will help you and your team create a routine system of inviting, educating, and onboarding new customers that can translate to ongoing product sales and help you identify prospective new Ambassadors.

Wellness Communities are prospect groups curated around specific topics. They provide value, education, community, and support, in addition to Shaklee solutions and products to build an online warm market for you and your team. Best of all, they embody the best of Shaklee’s mission by empowering people to create healthier lives in partnership with others.

They are typically hosted in two-part groups – a Free Group and a Customer (Paid) Group – which are held one after the other.

Wellness Groups Customer / Prospect Journey

Free Groups

  • Who is it for? Non-Shaklee customers, inactive customers
  • What is it? Fun, engaging Facebook group designed to create an online warm market.
  • Build community, trust, and relationships.
  • Daily posts, giveaways, tracker, recipe guides, education
  • 3-5 days
  • Completely free

Customer Groups

  • Who is it for? New customers, current customers, inactive customers.
  • What is it? Build team culture, community, and relationships. The added value to Shaklee products.
  • Helps customers get results and achieve their health goals with accountability and education.
  • Creates an onboarding system for new Ambassadors.
  • Increases volume and Loyalty Orders.
  • Springboard for sharing the Shaklee Opportunity.

Here's what your fellow Shaklee Leaders are saying about building their business with Wellness Communities

The Wellness Group was not only fun, but it has really energized the team. It was a huge momentum builder and gave everyone something fresh to share and create conversations. This is perfect for anyone who feels stuck in their business. . – Jennifer C.

I was feeling stuck and doing the Wellness Group breathed new life into my business!! The Wellness Group helped people see that we aren’t just about Shaklee sales, we’re about health. It really helped build trust. It helped people realize that we’re able to add value to their lives. – Alyssa O.

“It was great to use the content that Shaklee created for us. Shaklee made it super easy for our team. All we had to do was invite and post. The free group was a powerful way to connect, build community, and identify new prospects.” – Colleen D

Wellness Communities Stats:

  • Wellness Communities have already generated the highest number of NEW customers, NEW Ambassadors, and NEW Business Leaders within the Shaklee North American business in the last TWENTY years!
  • Shaklee Business Leaders who have been using Wellness Communities as their primary business-building strategy have:
    • 8X the Rate of New Customers
    • 5X the Rate of New Ambassador Signups
    • 43% improvement in 2nd Orders and Customer Retention
  • What would it mean to YOUR business if you could increase your new customers by EIGHT times? What would happen to YOUR business if you could get FIVE times the number of Ambassadors to join your organization?

Wellness Communities come with a full suite of tools that take the time and guesswork out of supporting your group, including:

  • Invitations + Scripts for Inviting for Free Groups

  • Daily Posts with Ideas for Creating Engagement in Your Group

  • Tips for Best Practices

  • And much more!

Use the videos below along with the Wellness Communities 101 guide to learn the basics of how to set up and host a Wellness Group.

Facebook Groups 101

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How to Host a Free Group

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How to Host a Customer Group

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