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Wall of Honor

Wall of Honor

Qualification Period (August 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021)

Wall of Honor celebrates Shaklee Family who are among the top 10 in key business success categories. See who is on track to receive this prestigious award!

2021 Wall of Honor – Spirit of Shaklee Nominations

Please see our exceptional Spirit of Shaklee Nominations submitted by the Shaklee Family below. Between August 9 and August 19, please go to this link  to vote for up to 3 people who most inspire you.

Alyson is rooted in the impact we make as a community and is ready at a moment’s notice to lead a training or gather a community in her home she shares the Shaklee difference. She is a wonderful person whose service to others goes above and beyond the norm. Alyson always generously shares her FB group events, and invites us to collaborate and work together, even uplines, downlines and sidelines! Her resources are beautiful, professional and excellent, and collaborating with her is a gift to us and our Shaklee members, too! Alyson is such a great person, her service to others goes above and beyond the norm. She is always doing something for someone even if they are not on our team. She is always volunteering to do something and is always there when someone asks. Her creativity and knowledge are spread all around to everyone. I am so grateful to be her friend and business partner. She so deserves this award. Alyson was my HCI AllStars Business Coach before my Shaklee Business leader! She is amazing! A great listener as I struggled to figure out what my Health Coach business would look like. Alyson has really helped me in tackling the fear of not knowing enough- struggling with the confidence of putting myself out there – which everyone I’ve met so far doesn’t seem to have a problem with. Alyson has amazing energy & patience! We are in 2 different time zones and that doesn’t bother her. She is so knowledgeable- she wants to meet all my peeps who are interested in working their Health! She has met with my family & a few friends one on one. She cares ALOT! This is what I love about her BEEautiful Spirit! I want to be just like her when I grow up!! If that’s possible. She is a perfect candidate for the Spirit award- I nominate Alyson! Alyson embodies the Spirit of Shaklee with her cheerfulness, generosity, creativity, and love of people! She is an inspirational team player and takes on creative, productive activities that attract prospects, customers and team members. She has organized her team and includes other teams in participating in the 7 Day Healthy Cleanse & beyond to serve those who are committed to a healthier life. Recently, she created the Happy Healthy Lifestyles Facebook group with attractive invitations for social media engagement. She requested that each of us playing, submit our contributions to the Facebook group each week. She enrolled us to be of service to others; tap into our strengths and share experiences, best practices, and recommendations. As a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Alyson is a valuable resource to all on the Banner team! Any time I text Alyson with an important question, her response is always timely and helpful. She is a consistent player and displays her passion in all team projects; whether it is an in-home event or organizing our Banner team for a training take over July 20th for the Toovell Team session. Alyson is an excellent keynote speaker and presented several times at special fundraisers, such as the Woman to Woman luncheon to raise funds for NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) involving most of Team Toovell. She is both a leader and a student of achieving excellence as she displays her tactics on weekly google sheets to attain her GOALS for the Quarterly Incentive. Alyson embodies the delightful, generous, consistent, gritty Spirit of Shaklee. I am so fortunate to know her and grateful to be in partnership with her on the Banner and Toovell teams! Alyson Chugerman has been a mentor, a friend, and a helping hand whenever someone needs it. She is always there for sound advice and unwavering support and encouragement. She is positive and funny and driven to serve others. She is rooted in the impact we make as a community and is ready at a moment’s notice to lead a training or gather a community in her home she shares the Shaklee difference. Generosity of spirit in sharing of wellness info, Shaklee and lust for life.

Alyssa models the Spirit of Shaklee by serving others boldly, dreaming big, serving her team and leading well and having a vision for the future of health and opportunity. She shows up for her team and for the field to share what she knows will move the vision of Dr. Shaklee forward.

Angelica is a true example of entrepreneurship, leadership and the American Dream. She is an inclusive leader who is there for others with a positive and giving spirit. She has risen to the challenge of leading the Shaklee Latino community with passion, kindness and respect. Through her perseverance and positive spirit, she is a true example of entrepreneurship, leadership and the American Dream. She is always willing to help anyone, even if they are not part of her group. An inclusive leader who is there whenever you have a question. She is charismatic and always has a good attitude towards helping others. As a leader she engages with other Shaklee leaders from different groups and creates a sense of community and family within Shaklee. She is the spirit of Shaklee and a beacon of light for those who know her.

Ann emits the true spirit of Shaklee in everything she does. She serves on the Earth Day Everyday Network, helps gather funds for trophies in a music program that can’t afford them and even helps people financially when there is a need. Her accomplishments are as big as her heart and at 74 she’s not slowing down! I first met Ann when she was spearhead to a Field effort and email campaign to rally Shaklee colleagues to help “save the cleaners” when Shaklee was thinking about cutting that line, and did not, largely because of Field feedback. In addition, Ann showed environmental leadership in Shaklee by serving for years on the Earth Day Everyday Network group which hosted monthly phone conferences. In her Cedar Bluffs, Iowa community, not only has she worked with kids in classrooms, but every year finds a way to champion Earth Day. As a community leader, she coaches piano students of all ages, is active in business networking, involves others in community drives (i.e. helping flooded out Iowans), energizes her neighbors to build community, travels from Iowa to Colorado as often as possible to strengthen relationships with family and high school friends, and has a project to travel to all 100 counties in the state to spread word about that county to others. She is of Japanese heritage, and she and her immediate family were part of those who were kept in camps in the midst of great hardship during World War II, so she helps them and all of us heal from that by being deeply dedicated to the democratic process and helping others know about the issues of these times. Her service to others is extraordinary. She sends stamps and money to Shaklee business leaders inside and outside her group when she knows they are struggling financially. In her field of piano and music, she champions award-giving and makes it happen, helping gather funds for trophies that would not happen otherwise, and spending countless hours supporting spring recitals. She is there for people in loss–of health, of spouse, of courage–as she is present to them personally and involves them in activities to help them heal by helping others. She is a lifelong learner, attending leadership conferences and applying lessons learned not only to her own life and business, but also sharing the skills with others through speaking, writing, and creating MasterMind groups for accountability. She is a visionary, always thinking about how to pull together what she knows in a way that helps others. She finds the courage to speak up to right wrongs as she sees them. In the Shaklee family, in 2007 she initiated efforts to bring everyone to Iowa, Dr Shaklee’s birthplace, for a conference to celebrate his life, with tours not only for Shaklee Corporation leadership, but also for the Field. In recent years she has hosted a monthly HEART OF SHAKLEE phone conference with Shaklee’s Joe Torres and her business partner Jessica Crouch, where a quote of Dr Shaklee is discussed, and participants motivated to live the legacy. At age 74, she is not slowing down on any of this!

Bill & Nancy are not only stewards of Dr. Shaklee but also inspirational community leaders who lead in service of people in their community and throughout the Shaklee Field. Bill & Nancy are true Dr. Shaklee Stewards. They keep the ideals of Dr. Shaklee in the forefront of their business. They are excellent true community leaders and lead by example. They are everything that Shaklee embodies in a person by living each day in service of others both in their community, and the Shaklee Field regardless of where they are in the Shaklee Field.

Bob has been a true leader in the field for many years and really embodies the “True Shaklee Spirit” with a servant heart above any personal gain. He has personally coached & mentored me for years as a friend without any financial gain. He has been an incredible role model to a solid organization of heart centered servant leaders for many years.

Daphine is a nurse who, during the Coronavirus Pandemic, has put her life on the line to help others all while sharing Shaklee in an effort to help others take care of their health. Daphine is a true Hospital Hero. She helps care for those who are sick. During this “Coronavirus Pandemic” Daphine along with countless other medical professionals have put their lives, their family lives at risk. Daphine is also passionately sharing Shaklee to help others take care of their health.

Deb spent her life helping others as a loving nurse and now upon entering retirement she is helping others lead better lives through her Shaklee Business. Deb is not only a good mentor but a great friend. She spent her life helping others as a nurse. She always said that Shaklee made her want to promote prevention and gave her a clear vision to do that. Retired now she has taken Shaklee as a retirement business because she is so passionate about the results.

Dr. Richard Brouse uses his medical knowledge to help others lead the healthiest life they can. He is generous with his time and patiently shares with anyone who asks for his help. The examples are endless. We will never know how many folks he has helped in the field. He helped my parents with health alternatives and has ALWAYS been willing to enlighten the field in a way that doesn’t make a person feel inferior. He lives who Dr. Shaklee was: be in harmony with nature.

A pioneer of Shaklee in the 1970’s, Ethel has emersed herself in the Shaklee products and lifestyle. Not only does she strive to change lives through Shaklee Product experiences but she also connects on a personal level often praying for those in need, grieving with those who are experiencing loss and celebrating with people during life’s greatest joys. Ethel Donley is a Shaklee treasure. She and her husband Ed (he has passed away) were among Dr. Shaklee’s Pioneers, starting their Shaklee business in the 1970’s. Ethel is a life-long student of all things Shaklee. She embraces and embodies Dr. Shaklee’s principals, and she uses and recommends all of the Shaklee products to anyone and everyone. Ethel has attained and maintained the rank of Key Coordinator for many, many years. Ethel’s home is Shaklee-ized. There is no doubt when you’re visiting that she uses the products! Each sink in her home has the Shaklee hand soap (in the Shaklee soap pump dispenser). Her kitchen sink has the Shaklee dish wash, and a container of the Basic H classic (she buys it by the 5-gallon bucket full, keeping that in the garage and pulling off of it to keep it on her sink, while using it for every garage-and-car-task imaginable). The back of her oven has a bottle of Shaklee’s Lecithin on it, to use in cooking to pull fat from her dishes as she cooks. Of course she uses the Shaklee liquid clothes wash, Nature Brite, dryer sheets, etc., etc., etc. You get the picture! If Shaklee makes it, Ethel is using it! At 82 years young, it shows! She’s the picture of vitality and health, and she credits Shaklee at every turn. Everywhere Ethel goes, people are drawn to her. They ask her “How are you so healthy?” and “How do you have such energy?” and Ethel is ready at a moment’s notice to share Shaklee with them, both by seeking to understand what their needs/wants are, and with products and samples and literature at the ready! Her Shaklee car really is a Shaklee car! Popping open her trunk, she readily and openly shares Shaklee with people. It’s all “Oh, you want energy like I have, do you? Here you go, here’s some information on Shaklee’s difference, and on Shaklee’s Life Shake and Shaklee’s Vitalizer. I can guarantee you with the ‘box and a can’, you’ll have all the energy you need.” [The “box and a can” comes from Dr. Shaklee, educating that protein and multivitamins fills the body’s basic nutritional needs, and is often a good way to start someone on the path to good nutrition with Shaklee.] Ethel was part of Shaklee when it was announced to the business leaders that Roger Barnett was purchasing the company. She relates how these leaders were gathered together and told about Roger, and then introduced to Roger, and then got to know Roger and they were not only relieved to find Roger was embracing and continuing all things Dr. Shaklee, but elated that he was doing so by sharing his family with the Shaklee field. Ethel has loved watching Roger’s children grow up, and loved having his lovely wife Sloan grace the stage at Global Conferences. Ethel is a loving, encouraging leader to her Shaklee downline group. Ethel services her Shaklee customers with her own personal touch, spending one day each week making home deliveries of Shaklee products, while checking on the health and welfare of seniors, growing families, sick people and babies. Ethel is generous in her sharing. Her late husband Ed would lovingly chide her at times saying “Ethel, you’re giving away the store!” He would smile and she would tuck free products into someone’s bag, saying something like “Make sure you take these now, and I want to hear how you’re doing!”. You bet your bottom dollar that in a week or ten days, Ethel will be following up with this person to see how they are. Ethel has turned “customers” into lifelong members of the family. She regularly prays for people as they are sick, and she celebrates health victories, and she grieves with family when someone passes. I feel blessed to have been introduced to the Donleys. I attended a handful of Global Conferences with them and I treasure those memories. Our community is blessed with Ethel’s presence. I am happy to nominate her for Shaklee’s Spirit of Shaklee Award.

Jennifer is a true leader and mentor for people both within and outside her organization. She selflessly gives of her time to coach and inspire others in public forums. Jennifer has a pure heart for helping shape people’s lives for the better. For me, she is both a leader and a mentor and it brings me joy to nominate Jennifer for the Spirit of Shaklee Award as she is so deserving of it.

Joann does not miss the opportunity to be a friend, leader and support to anyone in need. She has been with me through every celebration and trial all my Shaklee life with an open heart and willing ear.  She is the kind of person that shows the generous Shaklee spirit in everything she does.  It is my honor to nominate Joann for this award.

Jody amplifies the “Shaklee Effect” by contributing to charities and binding her Shaklee results to charitable giving and encourages others to do the same. Jody has worked tirelessly within and particularly outside her team to support, train, and respond to every need of people who did not have their own upline support. To that end, she runs the “JTAL – Just Take a Look” team which is open to anyone. She plans and facilitates a weekly training, created web tools for training, and runs a twice weekly presentation for anyone to bring their prospects and learn how to talk about Shaklee. In all her Shaklee business activities, she amplifies the “Shaklee Effect” by contributing to charities and binding her Shaklee results to charitable giving and encourages others to do the same. She exemplifies the Shaklee Philosophy and Culture.

Kathi is a true leader in life and in business and is always will to share her time and knowledge with any member of the Shaklee family. I immensely admire how Kathi freely shares of her time and knowledge with ‘Shaklee Orphans’ who are outside of her organization, out of the goodness of her heart.

Lynda goes above and beyond to support her Shaklee Team but also makes sure everyone is supported regardless of their connection to her. She lives, eats and breathes Shaklee! Lynda goes above & beyond to help her downline not miss any bonuses, specials, etc. She is always available to lend a helping hand or answer any questions we may have. I see some people asking questions as if they have lack of leadership. Lynda sets the best example of what a true Shaklee person looks like. She lives, eats & breathes SHAKLEE!!!

Ivan and Martha give selflessly to those both in and outside their Shaklee Team, provide financial support for a missionary surgical teaching team at a hospital in Africa and are strong supporters of Earth Day each year. A true example of what the Shaklee spirit is and stands for. A dedicated selfless couple who demonstrate a willingness to help and lead with love. In any event they are part of you will see them behind the scenes managing all the small details, while also jumping to the stage and giving a show to the audience, constantly giving their all. They are a constant support for their team and for those who know them. Even during the pandemic, they have found ways to support and show their love to those within their circle. One of my favorite memories is from when I was a single mom. Ivan would come and pick up my son and take him to basketball games. They have supported my growth, not just in the Shaklee business, but as a person. Martha teaches on quality of the Shaklee products, and you can feel her love for her subjects. She cares and that in any business is a win. They both give so much of their time to missions and church outreach events. Ivan and Martha are ALWAYS behind the scenes, building sets or booths, props and costumes. They are usually in the scenes, too, dressed up or leading an informative presentation. They give to their family members, donating much of their time and resources to their medical missionary daughter, Wendy. Martha has been a “product of the product” and a passionate proponent of Shaklee products for decades. Martha embodies Dr Shaklee’s philosophy and lives it at a cellular level. She would be a most worthy recipient of the Spirit of Shaklee Award.

Mayra is an incredibly caring individual. Even in the most difficult of times in her life, she gives of herself and channels her pain into helping anyone she can. One way she has given to others is by volunteering to help battered women. She also helps others who are def or hard of hearing. She has used the Shaklee products to help her lose weight and inspire others through her transformation. She has also changed countless lives by building her Shaklee business which has been growing rapidly over the last year. This theme of giving to others regardless of her situation has shaped this incredible person who, long before she was even a part of the Shaklee Family, has always personified the true spirit of Shaklee.

Precious has supported many families during a difficult year by driving health supplies to those in need and running a 24-hour Daycare Facility which provides a safe and loving place for children to flourish. Precious has gone above and beyond to serve her community over this past year. Not only does she have her own Shaklee business, but she owns a 24-hour Daycare Facility. She is always pouring into the kids’ lives, the parents’ lives, and the lives of the staff. She has driven miles to deliver Triple Defense Boost and other supplements to people that needed it in a community that was heavily hit by the pandemic. She helped children day in and day out with virtual learning to the point where the parents and the teachers were so dependent on her to help their children and students to thrive. She helped them to make healthy decisions and is always genuinely concerned about their well-being.

Rick & Aldona are stewards of their communities, whether at home in Colorado or abroad. They exemplify the law of Nature that givers always gain. They are generous with their time and knowledge and they put their whole hearts into everything they do.  Anyone lucky enough to cross their path experiences their spirit of generosity and heart.

Scott is a true friend of man and animal. He is passionate about helping our four legged friends and holds the position of President of the board at large for the Humane Society. He also gives selflessly in sharing Shaklee and helping others grow their business. It is my honor to nominate Scott Watkins for the Spirit of Shaklee Award. Scott spoke at the last in person global conference and inspired me with the possibilities for wellness with the Prove it Challenge as well as using it to grow my business. In a chance meeting in the hallway of the hotel, I met Scott in person. I had no idea that chance meeting was about to result in a great friendship and change the trajectory of my business! After meeting Scott and briefly chatting with him, we began a friendship where I learned that Scott is not only a Shaklee Rockstar and embodies the Spirit of Shaklee, but he is also a Rockstar in his community and for his team. Scott is the president of the board at a large, humane society where he leads the board to make thoughtful and wise decisions about the health and welfare of the animals in their care. Additionally, he cares for other people’s pets like they were his own when they are out of town or at work. Comments on his social media posts are solid evidence that people trust Scott with the care of their furry family members. When my elderly dog was in her last days, Scott walked alongside me through that trying time and shared strategies for making her last days as good as they could be. After I adopted another rescue dog in what proved to be a tricky situation, I turned to Scott for help and he willingly helped me as well as provided thoughtful guidance. Scott has continuously encouraged me to build my business and has shared specific strategies and coached me in how to effectively and efficiently build my business as well as really help others through thoughtful leadership. In the spring of 2020, I moved from the city where I had been for most of my adult life. We were also in a time of great isolation due to the response to the pandemic. Scott not only encouraged and coached me at that time as I adjusted to the new way of working, he invited me to participate in the Virtual Conference via Zoom with his team! WOW – that transformed the experience of the conference and my learning. THEN…Scott invited me to work with the Just Take a Look Team AND just two months later I was promoted to Director after almost ten years in Shaklee! Because of Scott’s kindness and demonstrating the true Spirit of Shaklee, my business has been transformed, but most of all I have been transformed as an individual! Did I mention I am NOT in his downline and we live hundreds of miles apart? Now THAT is the true Spirit of Shaklee! It is my hope you will give Scott every consideration for this award.

The entire population of Master Coordinators emulate service to others, community leadership, environmental stewardship and a dedication to the philosophy of the Golden Rule. I nominate all Shaklee Master Coordinators this first year. With the MEC being introduced and accepting the award. Attaining and keeping a Master Coordinatorship takes teamwork. The entire population of Master Coordinators emulate service to others, Community Leadership, Environmental Stewardship and a dedication to the Philosophy of the Golden Rule and Thoughtsmanship.

Sonia gives back to her Shaklee group as well as her local community. She gives nutrition classes to her community and teaches children proper nutrition. She is always helping her group and the community through social media and in person. She is someone who does not take people’s poor attitude, she will tell what she sees and when she needs to call someone out, she will do it in the nicest possible way, because if she did not, they would be stuck in old habits. She helped me even when I was not part of her team, knowing that she would not earn any commissions from it. Now I have lost 85lbs and build a business of my own. She is always helping others in need, kids and adults. She gives workout, nutrition and cooking classes to her community. She teaches kids how to have a proper nutrition while using Shaklee products and always worries for others. She has a degree in Social Sciences and Business Administration, Cosmetology and she is a certificated weight instructor. She has the knowledge and expertise to recommend a good nutrition, physical activities and Shaklee products in the best way possible.

Xiomara’s accomplishments on behalf of others is impossible to count. Whether she’s organizing yard sales to send money for medicine and food in the Dominican Republic or lobbying to start a Hospitality Program for people of little means to get jobs in the hospitality industry or bringing her children weekly to help her feed the homeless, she lives for helping others have a better life. Forty-three years ago, Xiomara (lovingly called Xiomi) came into our lives. Never did we expect that she would become one of our best friends! Throughout these years, we have gotten to know the woman who constantly inspires us in so many ways. She is like a rainbow after the worst storm. She understands the many colors of feelings of those around her. It is as if she brings out the best of our hearts. Often, she says that we are like a square: we need to divide it in two; then, put a positive (plus sign) in one-half and put a negative (minus sign) on the other. She remarks that we may always have the negative but if we keep working on the positive, soon it will overshadow the negative – at which time, the negative will no longer interfere with our thoughts, our behaviors, our compassion, our love, and our serving others. Xiomi immigrated to the United States at age 14 from her native Dominican Republic. She lived with host families in the U.S. on a student visa, allowing her to learn and be educated in the U.S. She went to college and graduate school in the U.S. and studied in France in her Junior year of college. She was Director of Communication for Model Cities and developed programs for the Girls Scouts of America in the inner city of Rochester NY, to help Hispanic, and underserved inner city children of diverse backgrounds, which opened up doors to allow her to obtain her citizenship through the naturalization process. Then, Xiomi helped seven of her eight brothers and sisters come to the U.S. Over time, they became citizens and have become CPA, teachers, executives with companies like American Airlines, United Airlines, Hewlett Packard, and others. The one sister who remained in the Dominican Republic became a physician and pastor, for whom Xiomi organized several yard sales each year to be able to send money to purchase supplies of medicine and food, which her sister shared with local churches of all denominations. This kindness created community among the church leaders, which had been missing in the past. While in college in the USA, she was only able to visit her family every 2 years. However, even from abroad, she continued being the president of the team whose mission was the construction of a multi-purpose center under the Catholic Church. This proposed center’s goal was to have a centralized location in town for the use of religious, cultural and athletic meetings. In addition, a place to teach adults different trades, such as sewing. In the summer of 1971, Xiomi travelled to the DR with the intention of making visits to large businesses to request donations to build the center. Daily in the afternoons, in company of the local priest, they made those visits and were able to obtain enough donations to start the construction. She returned to school in Brockport, NY and from there through letters and phone calls, she continued her active role as the team’s president. Even though she was not there for the opening, the center became a reality. She involved her children at an early age in church activities (Xiomi was a volunteer youth leader for 27 years), She taught her children the values of helping others who were less fortunate. They assisted in working with migrant workers, feeding the homeless once a week, but more importantly, educated them with a sense of integrity and love for community work and caring for others. While active with directing the youth group in her church, Shaklee awarded her a sum of money, which she used to take all the graduating seniors in her youth group to a fancy restaurant for dinner. Dining in an elegant restaurant was a first for most of them. In the City of Durham, she has worked in community-based programs, has built bridges between Spanish-speaking and English-speaking communities. Her work has involved developing programs for the Triangle’s Public School systems, Duke Health system, Duke Divinity schools, churches, museums, Durham City and County employees, community business and organizations. One of her favorites was working with a judge by developing the educational component to help young African males who committed a misdemeanor to attend educational classes instead of going to prison. Additional accomplishments were: 1) She began the English as a Second Language (ESL) Program for Durham Technical Institute – imitated later on other campuses. 2) She represented Durham Technical Institute as the ABE (Adult Basic Education) representative on the Board of Community Colleges Association 3) She lobbied and obtained $7,000.00 from the president of the Durham Bar Association to start the Hospitality Program to train people of little means the skills needed to obtain a job in the hospitality industry. 4) Initiated commencement exercises for ABE/GED/AHSD/ESL programs after long absence from the college’s schedule. 5) Began International Nights that created visibility of the immigrant community in the local community with support from churches and governmental agencies. 6) She organized and hosted the first two conferences for the North Carolina Hispanic Association…a first of its kind. 7) She represented Durham Technical Institute (now Durham Technical Community College) as a member of the Durham Chamber of Commerce and as a member on Governor James Hunt’s board dealing with finances for Asian immigrants 8) She and 2 associates wrote and obtained a $100,000.00 grant for ABE and ESL while at Durham Tech 9) Assisted the Research Triangle Institute with the implementation of a personalized system of instruction. Xiomi was very active with the Cursillo Movement since the age of 19 and after many positions, became the Director for three terms, totaling 12 years. For her volunteer work with Cursillo, youth leader, Marriage Encounter Regional director and other church activities, Pope John Paul II awarded Xiomi with the Benemerenti Medal for giving her life to the church. Through Cursillo, the Latino and English-speaking community became one in mission, goal and dedication to serve. (Cursillo is a movement in Roman Catholicism designed to deepen the spiritual life and bring about Christian involvement in daily activities through participation in a 3-day gathering followed by weekly or monthly meetings.) Xiomi, after experiencing and living with cancer three times (Leukemia: 44 years ago, Mastectomy 29 years ago and then Lumpectomy in the other breast 11 years ago), has dedicated her life to helping others with cancer. She now works at the Duke Cancer Institute as a Patient Navigator, leaving teaching positions at Duke. Before becoming a Patient Navigator, she developed the Medical Terminology program in Spanish for the Graduate School of Nursing and taught it for 3 years on a contractual basis. Then, taught Spanish at the Divinity School for three years, which gave birth to the Spanish program and finally, Through Continuing Education, taught Spanish for Duke University, in many cases to homogenous groups. Also, bringing her experience as cancer research aide, Breast Cancer Program Outreach coordinator, educator and advocate to enhance patient outcomes. Xiomi skillfully coordinated two large mammogram drives by bringing together women of all cultures and backgrounds. In her current role, Xiomara’s passion and motivation to assist those challenged with cancer brings comfort to patients and their families. She goes way beyond her job description to provide help for the patients. She particularly takes care of the needy patients who need help with food, lodging, and transportation to doctor appointments. She is always available for these people. She talks with them to help them through their fears that come with a diagnosis of cancer. She wants to let them know they have someone they can lean on. She goes way beyond her job description; in the many ways she provides help for the patients she cares for. Xiomara received recognition of her community service from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. At a luncheon benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Xiomara Boyce was honored with the “Spirit to Impact” award—given to an individual that is making an impact by supporting survivors and being a catalyst for change in breast cancer outcomes. As event emcee, Debra Morgan, anchor at WRAL-TV, relayed the reasons for Boyce’s selection. “Xiomara’s passion for the services she provides always shines through. She finds financial resources, lodging and transportation, and identifies and bridges cultural and linguistic barriers. These real world and day-to-day services are critically important to the patients and their families.” In 2016, after eight years of educating communities on cancer prevention, her dream of opening a nonprofit, Renacer, became a reality. This was the result of not finding enough resources to assist marginal communities. The Mission of Renacer is to improve the quality of life of Latino Cancer Patients, survivors and their families. Its goal is for each one to take control of the educational, physical, spiritual, emotional and financial challenges of cancer and get the support needed to overcome it. In 2018, the Foundation received a grant for $10,000.00 from the NC Division of Public Health, Cancer Prevention and Control Branch to support the launch of the Renacer Community Connection Initiative. Ten leaders of faith were trained, each providing 3 members who were trained as Promoters. The intent behind the Renacer Community Connection Initiative is to assist Latino faith community members to learn about cancer prevention, early detection, screenings, culturally sensitive diagnosis and treatment, and survivorship support. The intended outcome is a two-tiered network of faith-based lay health advisors and navigation connections through the Renacer Foundation. By the donations, activities, and generosity of volunteers, the Foundation has donated at least: 1) $1,500.00 donated to Susan G Komen Foundation 2) $1,500.00 donated to American Cancer Society 3) $1,200.00 Scholarship to Patient = (STP) 4) $700.00 (STP) 5) Many hotel nights to patients (about a 1/3 – non Latinos)- others of different race and language 6) Transportation assistance 7) 10 STP – each for $500.00 8) Literature and gifts to at least 3,000 attendees at Educational Workshops 9) Monthly support group in Spanish 10) Several Educational workshops in both (English & Spanish. 11) Follow up with Navigation to assist in any stage of the cancer detection, treatment and recovery and support of remaining family members in the case of death of the patient. 12) Educated more than 3,000 people. During the Pandemic: the Foundation opened its contributions to all people of all backgrounds 1) 41,500 masks have been distributed to at least 20 + churches in marginal communities, AA groups, Police Departments, Missions oversees, Homeless shelters and organizations and just going door to door to provide for those who couldn’t or were afraid to get out of their homes. 2) Over 1,600 distributed to cancer patients and families. Provided food to students when cafeterias closed and to those who were in need, even if cancer was not an issue. 3) Emotional assistance by referring to faith leaders, therapists and peer-to-peer cancer survivors. 4) Had two yard sales to help finance a family with the main provider having cancer and who had lost electricity, assist a young cancer patient to pay his rent before being kicked out, meals for a couple and assist with funeral of a cancer patient who passed and whose family didn’t have enough to cover expenses. 5) Transportation to appointments. There is so much more that Xiomara has accomplished in her 70 years, but these samples can give you a glance of the woman her family loves, the community respects and we (Steve and I) are privileged and honored to call “Friend”. Xiomi said once “I often feel like an eagle flying so high because each experience of sadness, of loss, of hunger, of hurt, of loneliness, of need, of generosity that I have experienced has helped me to understand the feelings of others in the same situation. It has given me a heart so full of joy and love that I cannot help but smile as tears run down my face. Yes, I have gone through a lot and confronted many obstacles that prevented many of my goals, but they strengthened me, allowed me to stop to assess what legacy I really wanted to leave in this world and to reevaluate my path to follow. I have been blessed by having such wonderful family and friends, by being loved by them and by their accepting my love in return, for having the discernment and energy to fulfill so many dreams and communities’ needs, for paying forward, for being part of the Shaklee family and for my faith”. The following is one example of how Xiomi and her Renacer foundation assisted one of many during the pandemic: “A 42-year-old Latino man was referred to our Foundation by his Medical Family Therapist. Due to his cancer, he was unable to continue work and had no family in this country. He was renting a room but as soon as the landlord found out that he was living with cancer, he was asked to leave. Finally, he found another room with a different landlord, and had to pay more. As his cancer progressed, so did his inability to work and pay for food and room rent. At this point, due to donations to other patients, the foundation was unable to pay the several months of rent that he had been unable to pay. The foundation provided food as well as emotional, spiritual support. We were able to have his medication provided with assistance from a pharmacist who helps the Foundation. I called several faith leaders who collaborate with the Foundation, and each took turns providing rent payments until April. Then, in May, two months had accumulated and the new landlord, as the previous one, wanted him to leave unless he could pay at least one month’s rent. His cancer treatment was working, and he was feeling better. However, he was waiting to be able to return to work with the group for whom he worked previously. In the meantime, the foundation had a yard sale to provide the money to pay his rent for another month. Due to the Pandemic, we were not sure how many people would come to the yard sale. Renacer advertised free masks and that 100% of all sales will go to needy cancer patients. It was a success. The yard sale provided enough money to help this patient as well as another patient with three children whose electric power had been disconnected, plus meals for two other patients. The most beautiful thing was that her neighborhood came to help, and one neighbor made a donation to go directly to the family with the three children! The young man returned to work, is doing so much better with a new treatment protocol. He now knows how he can help others as a result of his wonderful experience provided to him by the Foundation. The incredible thing is that I have never met this patient! Our meetings took place via phone and at one of our conversations; he commented that it was like having a mother in the USA!” This is just one example of how Xiomara always goes the extra mile to help people who are in need. It is my honor to recommend Xiomara Boyce for the 2021 Spirit of Shaklee Award. She truly embodies Dr. Shaklee’s philosophy of helping others.

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