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Wall of Honor

Wall of Honor

Qualification Period (August 1, 2021 – June 30, 2022)

Wall of Honor celebrates Shaklee Family who are among the top 10 in key business success categories. See who is on track to receive this prestigious award!

2022 Wall of Honor – Spirit of Shaklee Nominations

Please see our exceptional Spirit of Shaklee Nominations submitted by the Shaklee Family below. Between June 20 and June 30, please go to this LINK to vote for up to 3 people who most inspire you.

Barbara her son Donny have been dedicated to the Shaklee family for over 40 years. Barbara in my humble opinion has been one Shaklee’s greatest mentors.

Since 2016, Hannah has hosted an annual luncheon for law enforcement personnel and spouses of law enforcement personnel who are fatigued with the daily sacrifices associated with law enforcement life in Escambia, Santa Rosa Okaloosa and Walton Counties, Florida. She has been serving between 79 and 280 spouses each year. At the luncheon, she provides a nice sit-down lunch and self-care services such as massages. In addition, she hosts fundraisers, with proceeds going to certain families in need within the law enforcement community. One charity event raised $4,500 for a police officer, who was fighting brain cancer, and his family.
We know from many conversations with Hannah how much passion and care she puts into planning these events. She reaches out to several small businesses for donations in form of financial contributions as well as raffle prizes or silent auction prizes. Hannah also helps plan things like the band, catering, and all the other tiny details that make these events special.
For Hannah, it’s not about the recognition that comes with these events, but it’s about doing the right thing. Like Shaklee, she focuses on helping others in the community, and making the world a better place one family at a time. She doesn’t think about what’s in it for her, but what it brings to others. That’s what makes Hannah so special!

I met Jude over 25 years ago after attending (extremely reluctantly) a healthy home party held by her downline Debbie Rupert. I was suffering from many health challenges including constant migraines and weight gain. Additionally, my two-year-old son was experiencing regular ear infections. Jude was my health coach and called me twice daily to make sure I was improving. Jude helped my son and I create a foundation of health that supported us while we worked on some very big challenges over the years.
Jude has continued to help so many people and undoubtedly has saved many more lives. She is tireless in her passion for Shaklee!

Liz lives every day serving others. She is the first person to say yes to bring a meal, help you move, watch your kid. She is the first person to offer help, partnership, and anything she has to offer. She lives the Shaklee Philosophy of the Golden Rule every day as she serves neighbors, friends, and strangers. She’s taken her son’s cancer journey (thankfully he’s in remission) and poured into pediatric cancer fund raising, support, and support other parents. This heart flows into her Shaklee business as she serves and supports her clients and team — and in all things offers to help others even not in her direct team.

She is always there for her downline and they always come first. She is very generous also to her Community.

My wife and I wanted to find a book called “Thoughtsmanship for Well Being” that is no longer in print. Living in Washington DC, we thought that maybe the Library of Congress would have a copy so we took a trip to the Library of Congress and discovered they had a copy of the book and we made a copy on a thumb drive. Maxi personally typed each page of the book to create a manuscript. To ensure she was complying with copyright laws Maxi reached out to Shaklee for permission to reprint the book for other Shaklee people. Being resourceful, Maxi began to notify many Shaklee Leaders of her project and asked if they would like to purchase book for themselves or their downlines. In a matter of weeks requests for over 2,300 reprints came in from Shaklee leaders and distributors. She reached out to a local publishing house and arranged for over 2,300 copies to be printed. She took all the orders and individually weighted, package and sent the packages out. She wanted to share the book with others to help promote and keep Dr. Shaklee’s thoughts and philosophy alive.

I would like to nominate Precious Byrd for the Wall of Honor. During this past 2 1/2 years in the pandemic, Precious has shown so much courage and bravery – both in her personal business as well as in her community. During the time she decided to start her business again in 2020, she was also playing a big role in parent’s and children’s lives where she lives. She runs her family’s 24-hour daycare and she shows up for both the children and the parents day in and day out no matter what. She has used her Shaklee business to care for those around her, and to help her staff stay healthy so that they can continue to work and have a job during times when people were getting laid off left and right. During the time when there was mostly virtual school, she became the teacher and both teachers and parents relied on her to help those students succeed. There was so much on her plate and she handled it with grace and love. She puts her all into everything she does including being a bright light in the lives of those children every day, teaching them by example that they can do anything and be anything that they want to be in life. She is on call literally 24/7 and makes the time to talk to and council parents even when she’s not physically at work. Her generosity is admirable, and she is a trusted pillar in her community. We are so honored to work with her and excited for her future in Shaklee!

He is ALWAYS willing to help others beyond his nutritional practice. Not only was Dr Shaklee very proud of him for his early endeavors in Shaklee, but Dr Brouse continues to embody the Dr Shaklee philosophy today – in all that he does.

Rosa has been donating blood since she was 16 years old. When she attended college, she continued to donate blood reaching the Gallon Donor Status with the NY Blood Center. In college Rosa signed up for the bone marrow donor registry through an organization called DKMS. Since a large percentage of patients who need bone marrow do not have a matching donor in their family there is a big need for people to register to donate bone marrow. Rosa does not know her own biological family as she is adopted from China. This may be one of the reasons that donating bone marrow pulled at her heart strings and inspired her to make this donation. Several months ago, she was contacted by DKMS that her cheek swab matched with a 35 year old man who has blood cancer. Rosa has been through some challenging times in her life however this man’s situation surpasses all challenges. She is healthy and after having a physical and several blood tests she was accepted and honored to be able to help this young man. She is scheduled to donate her bone marrow on June 6th. The procedure will be performed under general anesthesia and involve drilling into her hip bone in 2 places to extract the marrow. The recovery time is 2 weeks. I admire her bravery. To me this is incredible service to others.

Sara and Amy serve in leading Shaklee distributors with a program called zero to coordinator. I would not be where I am today without their continued love and support. They condition, encourage, and create growth weekly!

I nominate Shirley Koritnik for the Spirit of Shaklee Award. She is a known entity in the field and has impacted people’s businesses because of her service spirit.