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Business Opportunity Sharing Tool Kit

Take advantage of these resources to share the Shaklee Income Opportunity with new people.

Leverage these resources to increase your influence, create interest, and strengthen connections with your social networks.

Use the topical engagement posts to add value and create curiosity about wellness that can lead to follow up invitations to learn more about Shaklee and building a Wellness Business.

Topical Engagement Graphics – Wellness Survey

PLEASE NOTE: Wherever appropriate, we encourage you to link to the PDF of the survey when using the assets below. To download a PDF of the full study, click here:


Busyness – Stories:

Managing Health and Wellness – Stories:

Hectic Pace – Stories:

Prioritizing Wellness – Stories:

Feed Sized Quick Stats – Feed:

Use these resources to confidently extend invitations to your networks to attend your Business Pop Up event.

Opportunity Engagement Posts

You are what makes Shaklee stand out from the rest! Use these resources to help you tell your Shaklee story and present the Shaklee Income Opportunity.

True Wellness Presentation

Your future is in the follow up! Use these resources to reach out to guests, deal with common concerns and share options for getting started with Shaklee.