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New: Enhanced Reports in Shaklee Connect™

Check out your newly enhanced reports: faster, easier, and optimized for mobile!

Manage and grow your business – on mobile and desktop – with these fast, fun, and flexible business tools now available in the Shaklee Connect/My Business tab.

  • New: Enhanced Reports feature:
    – With simple filters, you can create powerful, actionable reports of your team activity
    – Nearly all columns are now sortable, including volume columns
    – Genealogy is once again “indented” and easy to see
    – You can search for anyone on your team and see their upline and downline connections

And you still have these cool features:

  • View a clean and easy-to-understand dashboard of where your business is in real time
  • Quick Actions allow you to add a note or a lead, or share a Shaklee Healthprint™ assessment, with just a single click
  • Use Team Search to quickly search and view your team and leads from one place
  • Easily add Follow Up reminders and notes to help you stay on track with customer and prospect reach-outs
  • Meet someone out and about and want to send them a Shaklee video or other asset? Use Share Resources to send it quickly and check that task off your list!
  • Group Email: personalize and send targeted e-mails to your prospects, customers, and team
  • Goals: input your personal short- and long-term goals, including your “why”
  • Shaklee Weekly: track weekly activities in a fun and visual way
  • Watch List: add up to 10 team members – those you’re working closely with – to your dashboard

Visit > My Business Tab to begin using the new Shaklee Connect Distributor tools today!

Check the “How to Use Reports – Overview” video tutorial* on how to leverage the power of the enhanced Reports feature.

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