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Team Up

We’re going places this year and when you join forces with your fellow Ambassadors to share Shaklee…one of those places could be a luxury weekend at Sundance!

Team up is a limited-time competition/challenge that rewards you with special prizes when you share Shaklee and help others improve their wellness and earn extra income!

It’s a great way to support new Ambassadors who have joined your team in January or partner with Shaklee friends from other organizations to create mutual accountability and encouragement as you pursue your goals.

Register for Team Up

Registration Extended to 2/3. Registration should be completed by the team captain.

  • Create a team with three people (with different Shaklee ID numbers).
  • Up to TWO Business Leaders may be on each team (Director or higher rank as of December 2022 PV month).
  • The remaining team members may be Ambassadors or Associates who were not Directors or higher as of December 2022 PV month.
  • You may only be on one Team Up team during the qualification period. A Shaklee ID can only be used once.
  • Registration is FREE, but you MUST register as part of a team to be eligible for any prizes. Registration should be done by the Team Captain.
  • You may register your team anytime up until the day before the start of the qualification period, Friday, February 3, 2023, at 8 pm (PT).  We encourage unique team names to ensure that there are no duplicate team names.
  • Once the sign-up deadline has passed, teams are “locked,” and members may not be added or deleted from a team.

Top Team Up Prize

Sundance Weekend Retreat

In addition to social media training and an iPad, the Top Team Up team will earn a weekend retreat at the Sundance Mountain Resort in March 2023.

Nestled beneath majestic Mount Timpanogos in Utah, Sundance is a world-class destination resort that offers breathtaking views and clean air. The intimate surroundings, understated elegance, and relaxed atmosphere create the perfect mountain escape.

The weekend retreat includes:

  • Round trip coach airfare for two (2) from their home airport
  • Ground transportation from Salt Lake City airport to Sundance
  • Three days and two nights of luxurious accommodations
  • And a special dinner at the award-winning Sundance Tree Room.

Team Up Top 6 Teams

64GB iPad®

In addition to an exclusive social media training session, each member of our top 6 teams will receive a 64GB iPad® engraved with the Shaklee logo.

social media training image

Team Up Qualifier

Exclusive Social Media Training

As a team, sponsor at least 3 new Members or Ambassadors in February to qualify for an exclusive social media training session with a digital content creation expert

Team Up Qualifier

  • As a team, sponsor a total of 3 new Members or Ambassadors with a $150+ product order in the calendar month of February and your team qualifies.
  • This could be accomplished by one team member sponsoring 3 new Members or Ambassadors with a $150+ product order in the calendar month of February, or each person on your team sponsoring 1 new Member or Ambassador with a $150+ product order.
  • Your team total needs to be 3 to qualify.

Top 6 Teams

  • Each $75 Star Club bonus you receive, for personally sponsoring 2 new Members and 1 new Ambassador with a $150+ product order in the calendar month of February, will count for your team.
  • You don’t have to time your sponsoring perfectly. You must simply sponsor at least one Ambassador for every Star Club Bonus you earn for it to count as a 2&1 Star Club Bonus.
    • Example: You have 4 new Members place a product order of $150+ and you earn one $75 Star Club Bonus and then you have 2 new Ambassadors place a product order of $150+ and earn another Star Club Bonus (6 total new people). Your team will be able to count two 2&1 Star Club Bonuses.
  • The Top 6 Teams with the most 2&1 Star Club Bonuses earned in February qualify.
  • Each member of a qualifying team will receive the iPad provided they earn at least one Star Club Bonus during the qualification period. All rules for Star Club Bonuses apply.*

Top Team Up Team

  • See above 2&1 Star Club Bonus qualifications.
  • The Top Team to earn the most 2&1 Star Club Bonuses will qualify.
  • In the event of a Tie Breaker, the team with the highest number of Ambassadors sponsored with a product order of $150+ will be the winning team.
  • Each member of a qualifying team will earn the incentive trip if they earned at least one Star Club Bonus during the qualification period.
  • Aim to be #1 to earn a coveted Top Team Trophy, an iPad and an incentive trip to Sundance.

Additional Requirements

Team Up Points cannot be earned via a reorganization, roll up, survivorship, combined Business, Purchase/Sale Transaction, or sponsorship line movement. Shaklee reserves the right to determine in its sole discretion whether point rewards are appropriate.
See Star Club Rules here.
Shaklee makes no promises or guarantees regarding income, and the success or failure of each Shaklee Ambassador, like any other business, depends on your own skills and personal effort. Actual financial results of all Shaklee Ambassadors for the preceding year are contained in the Average Earnings Chart at, which does not include Ambassador costs.
Company’s Right to Change/Cancel Incentive Programs and/or Terms
Shaklee may, at its discretion, alter, limit, or modify the Team Up program. Company reserves the right to change or modify Team Up Program terms and conditions or terminate any Incentive Program at any time, for any reason, without prior notice. Your continued participation in any Incentive Program will confirm your acceptance of such changes. The Company reserves the right to monitor the accounts of all participants, at any time and without notice, for compliance with Incentive Program rules. All interpretations of Incentive Program terms and conditions are at the Company’s sole discretion, and the Company’s decisions will be final. In the event of any discrepancy between the English version and any translated version of any Incentive Program rules, the English language version will govern.
Shaklee reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal or greater value.


  • The trip attendees must be on Shaklee record as a member of the qualifying Ambassadorship. Up to a maximum of two people can attend, per qualified Shaklee ID, and they must both be listed on the Shaklee DBA.  Any exceptions to this will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis after the qualification is complete.    
  • The incentive trip to Sundance will include round-trip coach class air transportation, group transfers to/from the airport to the hotel in the destination city on set arrival and departure dates, some meals, and hotel room, tax and gratuity charges for the specified nights of the incentive. 
  • Shaklee provides round-trip coach air transportation from an airport near your hometown (the mailing address on file with Shaklee). Attendees are responsible for paying any additional airfare if they embark from another location.  
  • Trip awards are non-transferrable, and no substitution will be made for anyone that is unable to travel for any reason. Shaklee reserves the right to substitute a prize (or a component thereof) for one of equal or greater value if the designated award should become unavailable for any reason. Each qualifier is solely responsible for all applicable federal, state and local taxes, including taxes imposed on his/her income. Prizewinners will be issued an IRS form 1099 based on the Actual Retail Value of the incentive awarded.