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Run. Lead. Grow. Your 2024 Leadership Summit Call to Action

Shaklee Family! It’s time to RUN with what you’ve learned at the Leadership Summit. LEAD your team by example and GROW your business with YOUTH Ageless™.

Here is your Call to Action through July 31, 2024:

YOUTH Ageless™: See the Change

  • BUY & TRY YOUTH Ageless for yourself! Look forward to the YOUTH Ageless products available for purchase in Canada on June 27.
  • SHARE & SELL: Take the 7-day Younger You Challenge. Be your own best YOUTH Ageless advertising and create interest on social by sharing your own before and after photos using hashtag #SeeTheChange. Then take advantage of the YOUTH Ageless product duos to sell to new and existing customers.
    • Business Leaders – Reach out to previous YOUTH customers with this innovative new product! Take advantage of an email template highlighting Ageless, along with a back office list of everyone who has purchased YOUTH in the last 18 months to spread the word!
  • HOST & CONNECT – Share Ageless by hosting or co-hosting a 7-Day Younger You Challenge Wellness Group. Wellness Group resources coming soon.

Run with these activities for the opportunity to earn a pair of Shaklee-themed Nike® shoes in the Leadership Growth Incentive – open to Shaklee Leadership Summit in-person and virtual registrants. Click here to learn more.

Earn the Q3 Reward!

Just announced! Grow your business this quarter for the opportunity to earn elegant and durable Le Creuset® cookware in the Q3 Quarterly Incentive!

How to earn Tier 1:

  • Hit Star Club every month with three new people ordering at least $500 in products. A couple of options for reaching for $500 is using either the monthly Wellness Group Bundle or Ready Set Wellness Bundle (30 Sponsoring Points).
  • Sponsor at least one new Ambassador within the quarter and help them hit Star Club within the quarter (10 Retention Points).

Qualify for Tier 2 by doubling your efforts (60 Sponsoring Points and 20 Retention Points).

Click here to learn more about the Q3 Incentive. 
Click here to learn more about Star Club Bonuses.

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Tips for Taking Your Own Before and After Photos

Preparing for Your Picture 

  • Remove all makeup and jewelry
  • Pull hair back from face
  • Wear a solid colour top with no collar. Plan to wear the same top for both your before and after pictures

Taking your Picture 

  • Use the same location, position, lighting, and wardrobe for your photo. Consistency is key!
  • Find a well-lit room with a plain background behind you to limit distractions in the photo. Ideally, you want a room that gets good indirect natural light and sit facing it. Make sure there is no direct sunlight on you or appearing on camera behind you.

Photo Timelines 

  • Before photos (before YOUTH Ageless™ wands application)
  • Day 1 photos (15 minutes after YOUTH Ageless wands application)
  • Day 7 photos (7th day, 15 minutes after YOUTH Ageless wands application)
  • Keep in mind, results will vary. For best results, use as directed.

Post Using Hashtag: #SeeTheChange