Yu C.

Senior Master Coordinator

Yu C.

Senior Master Coordinator


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I’m from southern China and have been in network marketing for about 9 years. I chose this industry because I value the potential this business model has to offer.

When Presidential Master Coordinators Tom and May Z. approached me about Shaklee in 2012, they knew I was passionate about helping people. Tom said, "You will do great in Shaklee. Shaklee is a great opportunity for anyone. Shaklee has clinically proven products that most companies don’t have. Shaklee has the right compensation plan to motivate people every step of way, and trips. Besides all of that, the love, respect and recognition Shaklee as a company gives to its Business Leaders makes the journey even more terrific.”

For 3 years, Tom and May did not give up on me – every time I saw them, they gave me more information, and I watched them grow from 2 persons to a large team across the US. They have helped so many people become great leaders in Shaklee,   even though they have no special background, no strong English-speaking skills, and are not professional sales people. This is when I said to myself, “If he can do it, I can do it!”

Although I said no to the business at first, I  did try the products, which are what eventually pushed me into action . Before I officially joined Shaklee, I had already tried and shared more than 15 Shaklee products. I studied the compensation plan, and started to look for partners and ask for referrals to slowly build the foundation with potential partners. With so much positive feedback, I could no longer say “no”.

In my business, it’s important to me to make sure every team member starts their Shaklee journey the right way. We do foundational work even before they become a distributor. Beginning is always hard. Duplication with one person is slow, but when you have 10 leaders on your team doing the same thing, then growth happens a lot faster. The more meetings you hold and attend, your chance for success improves.

With Shaklee, health is always the first gift to our family and the people around us, then comes the income. It’s more than just money. We help meet people's needs,  through products and  by sharing the opportunity to live a better life, and that makes me feel good. Shaklee is always right behind us, providing us with strong support to share what we have to offer to the world.

My 2018 goals are to personally help 50 more new people with products and the opportunity, help two more Business Leaders to reach their next goal, and go from 1 to  2 group trainings to help their team to create their duplication process.

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