Martha and Ivan W.

Master Coordinators (Ontario)

Martha and Ivan W.

Master Coordinators (Ontario)


For more than 35 years, Ivan and Martha have been dedicated to Shaklee, starting out as loyal product users, then developing into hard-working business builders. They reached the prestigious rank of Master Coordinator in 2012.

“We’re very excited to be Masters!” says Martha. “I’ve often dreamed about reaching this goal. I’ve heard it said that when you’ve helped enough people, you’ll become a Master Coordinator. It’s very rewarding to know that we’ve helped a lot of people.”

Like many successful Business Leaders, Ivan and Martha started in Shaklee as product users. “When we were first introduced to Shaklee in June 1981,” she recalls, “we weren’t looking for a business. I had no goal to become a Master Coordinator. I just wanted to improve my health.”

Martha was introduced to Shaklee products by a person who kept emphasizing the quality of the products, saying ‘quality brings results.’

“I improved my health, and I loved the products so much that I couldn’t help but share them with others,” says Martha. “And that’s how we discovered the business opportunity.”

Martha and Ivan made a commitment (in 1990) to consistently share Shaklee products and the Shaklee opportunity to help other people accomplish their personal goals. By doing so, they have been able to accomplish their goals.

“I’m reminded of the story of the tortoise and the hare,” says Martha. “Ivan and I certainly couldn’t be compared to the hare, but we have kept moving forward and we did reach the goal of Master Coordinator. But, we aren’t finished yet!”

“We feel honored to be Master Coordinators, a distinctive group within the Shaklee family,” adds Ivan. “Dreams really do come true if you set your goals, serve your people, and never, ever give up! We’re proud of and grateful for our dedicated and loyal team of business builders, and are committed to their continued success.”

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