Marilyn B.

Senior Master Coordinator

Marilyn B.

Senior Master Coordinator


Shaklee has been a family affair for me from the beginning. I was introduced to the company and products by two of my cousins shortly after I graduated from college in the fall of 1976. I had been involved in environmental activities as a student—helping kick off the first Earth Day in Boston—and Dr. Shaklee’s commitment to “Living in Harmony with Nature” fit perfectly with my core values.

After graduating with a degree in Sociology, I was teaching in a housing project. My desire to reach out to others and effect positive change went hand in hand with the Shaklee philosophy, as did my commitment to education, my desire to help create healthier lives, and my passion for protecting our environment. I changed careers to join Shaklee full-time in 1979.

My health and the health of my family benefitted tremendously from taking Shaklee supplements, and thanks to Shaklee I was able to bring my parents with us on Shaklee trips to Monaco and other beautiful European cities.

Meanwhile, my hard work with my Shaklee business paid off and I was honored as a Master Coordinator in 1983.

After becoming a single mom in 1990, I moved my family and business from New Jersey to Maine. My career continued as strong as ever as my commitment to sharing health strengthened. The freedom granted through my Shaklee business also allowed me to attend all my kids’ school activities, sporting events, and field trips, and take them skiing and sailing—all while remaining a successful career woman. Private schools, college, and law school were also possible with my Shaklee income.

That was yesterday. Today, my daughter, Courtney (35, a practicing attorney), and son, Ryan (31, a business entrepreneur), are both part of Shaklee. Ryan is a partner in my business, and Courtney has made the most of her own business, becoming an Executive Coordinator. They’ve travelled all over the world with me while enjoying optimum health. I reflect with pride and appreciation at being part of this great company—I have had the privilege of being able to lead many people to healthier lives and help numerous others build their own businesses.

My Shaklee family of business partners is full of talented and dedicated individuals from all walks of life. Together we make a positive impact on the world and carry on a worthy legacy. Dr. Shaklee’s book, Reflections on a Philosophy, continues to inspire me, as do his words, “What you think, you look. What you think, you do. What you think, you are.”


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