Laura E.

Senior Master Coordinator

Laura E.

Senior Master Coordinator


Leaving the corporate world was a real leap of faith for me. But it has made all the difference for my family.

For 25 years, I chose to sacrifice time with my family for my career. But five years ago, I felt led to make a change. The seed was planted when I lost weight with Shaklee 180®. I was on the road doing presentations for Shaklee Distributors and I thought, ‘I could do this for myself…hosting meetings, talking with people about Shaklee.’

So I started thinking about it, praying about it, talking about it and I came to a decision that enough was enough! It was time for me and for my family…I was ready to live on my own money from my own business. And the timing was perfect because I knew I wanted to be a part of the incredible growth I saw in the future for Shaklee.

Getting Started

I decided to get started by purchasing an existing Shaklee business. My first thought was to buy a business that was already at Master Coordinator…after all I thought, ‘I’m a leader, that’s where I see myself.’ But every opportunity fell through. I knew that I was being directed to shift my time and shift my focus so that my family is first…and I knew that something had to be waiting just ahead for me.

Finally, a “paid as” Executive Coordinator position in Canada became available that was downline to Roland and Mary O. (Presidential Master Coordinators). It wasn’t clear to me at the time but I am thankful it happened just this way because I had to build to Master myself and I learned the lessons from doing that work to help me teach my leaders.

Setting a Vision

When I first started, I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to…the only people I knew all worked at Corporate or were already Distributors! But I did have a goal…Presidential Master Coordinator. That is the level of impact, influence and income that I envision for myself.

So I started to and continue to speak where I want to go. I refer to myself as a Presidential Master Coordinator and I manage my business from that standpoint. That mindset also shifts how I interact with potential customers and partners. Having the perspective of a Presidential Master informs my attitude. It isn’t what can I get out of someone but rather how can I help them achieve their goals.

And because I view myself as a Presidential Master, my mindset for my team is, ‘I am looking for who will be the next Masters on my team…I’m looking for those leaders now!’
From Corporate Mode to Relationship Building

Believe it or not my corporate experience did not automatically translate to building my Shaklee business. I needed a whole new skill set and mindset to attract people to partner with me versus hiring and leading employees. One of the things that helped was I really started to take to heart building relationships. Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” People are buying because of you…if they don’t have trust in you…they may buy once but it won’t be a sustained relationship. I’m building for long-term. I really had to learn the art of asking questions. I have struggled so much with remembering to ask questions that I keep a question mark written on the inside of my wrist to remind me!

Having Fun

Having my own business has transformed my family relationships. One of the first things I did when I left corporate was to go on a field trip with my son Jack…the first time in 20+ years of being a mom that I was able to do that.

Jack told me he likes my schedule now because I can pick him up from school – before he had to go to an after school program — and we get the opportunity to talk. This decision has made such a big difference in our relationship.

Financially the decision has worked out for us, with the savings in after school programs and flexibility. Now with the growth in my business, my gross income with Shaklee as a Distributor is now in line with a corporate paycheck…so I am on my way!

I want people to know that no matter where they start with Shaklee, they can do this too. I’ve had the same things happen that others have had happen to them…people who don’t call back, no shows for events…I have been nervous to present at an event and had to circle the parking lot until I could psych myself out and do it.

But what has helped me is that I made that decision. So I go back to that decision and stay positive, leverage each experience and focus on what I’m good at — caring for people and creating relationships. Plus this is SO much fun! I love meeting new people, talking to them, getting to know them and helping them succeed…I don’t miss the corporate life, at all!

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