Karen and Ian G.

Master Coordinators (British Columbia)

Karen and Ian G.

Master Coordinators (British Columbia)


“Reaching Master Coordinator is a dream come true for us. We’re so excited to be a part of the exciting growth happening in Shaklee Canada.”

For Karen, Shaklee has always been an important part of her life. Her family’s history with Shaklee Canada began more than 30 years ago, when parents Joan and Gordon joined as Members. They started sharing the products and opportunity in 1978 and, for the next three decades, accomplished much and travelled the world with Shaklee. By 2001, Karen and Ian were back in Vancouver, building a Shaklee business of their own; Gordie had passed away and Joan was looking to step back from an active role in her business. Karen and Ian combined their business with Joan’s and began to focus on building the business to the Master Coordinator level.

“The impact of having met Dr. Shaklee when I was a kid inspires us to keep his vision alive,” says Karen. “We have really wanted to create momentum in Canada. We’ve seen some momentum here with the growth of the group under Master Coordinators, Martha and Ivan W., and we hope that our appointment to Master will push others to stretch out and use that excitement to have an impact in their own organizations.”

Today, Karen says she and Ian are inspired by their children, Liam and Jasmine, and continue to be inspired by their parents to “push ourselves to be successful and set the example that we can work with a great company and have a positive impact while earning a sound income. There’s no secret to our success. What has built our success is personal growth and being where we need to be to learn, both physically (at Global Conferences and corporate training events, for example) and emotionally; remembering to pay attention to the important activities that can help us reach our goals; being focused on the business; understanding the compensation plan; and always being available to work within our group at any generational level.”

Also, Karen says, the FastTRACK career path and the training she and Ian received at the Future Masters Leadership Conference have been key in helping them reach Master Coordinator.

“We’re very excited about the future. Our goal is to have a successful international business. We’ll work with the willing to grow an organization both here in Canada and beyond. Becoming Master Coordinators is a confirmation for us that working every day on our goals does create a strong and rewarding business. Through our journey to Master, we’ve truly come to realize the importance of having a big dream and concentrating on the right activity to get us there.”


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