Justin J.

Master Coordinator

Justin J.

Master Coordinator


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I came to the United States from China with my mother at the age of nine in search of the “American Dream.” Very early on, I saw entrepreneurship as my path to achieving that dream. I’ve built businesses in this industry and also owned traditional “brick and mortar” business such as restaurants, nightclubs and auto mechanic shops.

My Shaklee journey began in 2016 when my upline’s husband approached me. He saw that I was business-minded and liked to socialize with people, and he and thought I might be interested in Shaklee.

I decided to join Shaklee for many reasons. At first, it was for the possible extra income, but the bigger “WHY” has to do with my girlfriend, Amy. I did not come from a very well-off family, and I was a high school dropout. Amy’s family didn't approve of our relationship unless I met certain requirements. Many who understand Chinese customs know that most Chinese parents expect “the guy” to have a steady income,  savings, car, and a house in New York. When Yu C. presented me with Shaklee, she knew my “hot spot” and knew that Shaklee could bring me a step closer to my goals. Another reason I decided to build with Shaklee was because of my experience with the products. Yu Chen first introduced me to Shaklee 180®, and I lost about 15 lbs. during the first few months*. The next product I tried was Life Strip™. The convenient packaging and the healthy feeling I got from taking it was amazing.

The benefits of joining Shaklee are many. Shaklee has added to our income, which has opened doors to other opportunities. I was finally able to buy house in April of 2017, getting me closer to my dreams with Amy. My lifestyle has gotten healthier too. After joining Shaklee, I feel that I am more aware and want to not only promote a healthy lifestyle for myself, my family and my friends, but also to strangers. I love to travel, and because of Shaklee I can slowly cross certain places off my bucket list. For example, last year I went to Machu Picchu, Peru with Amy for a one in a lifetime experience.

In my two years with Shaklee, I am certain that our industry is the key to the future. It provides the residual income that is open to everyone willing to work hard and the process of building a team also builds character. My Shaklee journey has not been easy, I have gotten a lot of “No’s”. But, as I see my team grow, and the bond that is formed between my team members it makes the “No’s” feel like nothing. I believe that as people see how well you are doing in Shaklee and see how much trust and faith you place in it, they will turn around one day and ask you, “So, what is Shaklee, and how can I get started?

The biggest concepts that helped me reach Master Coordinator are commitment, discipline and duplication. Duplication means having a system that is easy for anyone to copy, repeat, and pass down to the next generation of leaders. If you want any business to run smoothly and not have to be stuck in that one place, it is important to develop a duplicatable system that works. I usually put my new business partners through a fast start duplicatable training program, and I hold trainings for my Business Leaders every Saturday. I also believe a very important aspect is “fun”. It is human nature that if “working” or building is fun, then people will stick around.

One of the most important aspects of being successful in Shaklee is the art of listening. When we are excited about something, we want to pour everything out to that person, but we cannot forget that it is about them, not us. We as Business Leaders need to listen and pinpoint people’s “hot spot”. If you know their hot spot then you have a higher chance of acquiring them as business partner or customer, and can also find out how Shaklee can provide them with a solution to their needs. I believe that Shaklee is not only a company that provides great products, but it also provides a platform for people to achieve their personal goals.

* Results and experiences from the Shaklee 180 Program are unique for each person, so results may vary. People following the weight-loss portion of the Shaklee 180 Program can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week. All individuals are Shaklee Distributors.

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