Harper and Ryan G.

Master Coordinators

Harper and Ryan G.

Master Coordinators


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“Shaklee is a gift. For our family that means having a business and career with Shaklee that complements our life, not competes with it. It’s a business that aligns with our values and serves as our vehicle to achieve our goals and dreams, but only as a result of serving others” — Ryan and Harper G.

Shortly after Ryan and I got married, we began small steps toward a health journey. Small steps became bigger strides, which evolved into research beyond just food and fitness, but also about the toxins in cleaners and the importance of quality and potency of supplements. We walked by a vendor booth at our gym and finally felt that we found trustworthy answers to the questions we’d uncovered in our journey. The woman, who was a mother like me, and ironman athlete, partnered with a company who seemed to have what I was looking for. That company was Shaklee!

As I began to understand the Shaklee opportunity alongside the product line, I joined as a Distributor in December of 2005. I had every intention to “dabble” in sharing this remarkable company. We used the products as a family and saw significant health results. But I was gaining an education too. I excitedly shared these amazing products and my results for five years, but never with a concrete intention to create a business out of my growing passion.

In March of 2011 – as we transitioned my family role into being home full-time with our one-year-old daughter – I became a Director. It was an exciting accomplishment, but even still, the reality that it could become something bigger and the understanding of the real potential of the opportunity had not hit me yet. Over that first year of being a full-time mom, the Shaklee opportunity gradually began to click. My “A-Ha” moment happened at our team conference in January of 2012. I saw how the opportunity aligned with our values as a family and could help us achieve dreams we had. I was all-in and committed to intentionally pursue growing our Shaklee business.

For most of my career I had worked as an Executive Assistant who didn’t often have an opportunity to lead, motivate or create. Deciding to build with Shaklee meant I could finally DREAM of a future that was possible. I did three things when I committed to intentional growth—I set goals and made a dream board, I set aside specific and focused work time, and I invested in personal development. Committed, persistent effort is rewarded and that March I met someone who became a first distributor in our organization and who is now a strong leader on our team. Seeing the power of Shaklee to not just change OUR life, but the lives of others inspired me even more to grow and dream, because now I had a team to lead! 


I loved Shaklee—I loved the products and I loved to see Harper share her gifts with others. I was always sharing along with her, and loved that we could create an additional stream of income for sharing something we loved. I have a background in financial planning, and multiple streams of income were always a recommendation I made to my clients, so I saw the value of Shaklee in that regard. When Harper’s commitment multiplied coming out of the team conference in 2012, I continued to help set goals, be supportive in the home with our children when she had Shaklee events to attend and lead, and help her with big picture planning for Shaklee and how it integrated into the rest of our life.

In August of 2013, as Harper experienced her breakthrough, I was experiencing what felt like hitting a brick wall during a stressful and uncertain time in my industry and the family business where I practice financial planning. I had always supported Harper’s efforts, but hadn’t considered Shaklee as more than a way to create a secondary stream of income. Meanwhile, at the end of most days I was completely drained, having left the best of my energy, effort and emotion at the office, and bringing home only scraps, at best, for my young family. I KNEW something had to change, but felt trapped by income that was good, but not what we needed to achieve the dreams we had.

I’ve learned that it’s the hardest things in our past that prepare us for the good in our future. During that uncertain time, we made the decision to attend our first Shaklee Global Conference in 2013 in Nashville. I didn’t realize it heading into Conference, but those difficult years had prepared me to really grasp the opportunity that unfolded in Nashville.

As we sat in a conference breakout session, a married couple shared their story. As the husband shared about stepping forward in faith and putting their hands to the work of building a Shaklee business, even amidst other struggles in their life, MY breakthrough began. He talked about how Shaklee had given freedom they had hoped for, but had never thought possible. That, when needed, he could now say “no” in his other business instead of always having to say “yes” just to pay the bills. What captured me most was that Shaklee gave this couple a shared vision for their life. I went from listening, to believing…to having the hope I came there looking for. As a result, Harper and I both shared the vision for how Shaklee COULD be the same vehicle for us that it was for this couple. This began our journey to Shaklee becoming our plan A!

Shaklee has helped us grow further into our value to live an integrated life between our faith, family and business—a dream we always had! The shared vision, purpose and financial freedom has allowed us to make choices for our family that we feel called to do, not just what we have to do. This has been the greatest gift of our business because it doesn’t just create freedom for us, but extends out from us as a blessing to others in our family, friendships and communities.

We are building a strong, long-term business that will continue to help our family have choices in the future. Even more so, we are passionate about sharing this opportunity and helping more people and families DREAM again, believe that they can think bigger,  and have a career that compliments their life and doesn’t compete with it. Seeing people on our team make this shift in thinking and possibilities is the most inspiring part about what we do!

We would advise Distributors who are looking to achieve the success we have in Shaklee that it IS possible. Don’t quit! It takes patience, passion, and perseverance, but it is possible! We didn’t come to the opportunity with special degrees or a background in direct sales. We didn’t join with the skills or confidence we have today—so much of what has contributed to our success we have learned along the way. But, we did bring a heart to serve people and to do the right thing for people. With that attitude and belief, you can become very successful.

*These earnings, bonuses, and incentive achievements are not typical. See the Average Annual Earnings statement [link to: https://events.shaklee.com/averageincomes/] for full average earnings data. For information on all incentives, including the Quarterly Incentive, see the current year Incentive Booklet [link to: https://events.shaklee.com/current-promos/#incentives-faqs].