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Sign Up for Text Notifications from Shaklee!

Get informed immediately and on the go about promotions, products and business announcements, with text messages from Shaklee! Chances are, like most of us, you don’t leave the house (or the car, or the office…) without your cell phone. Now, all it takes to sign up are a few clicks online to be ready to receive up to the minute text notifications, directly to your phone, that support your Shaklee business. And don’t worry, we’ll only text you a few times a week so you can keep doing the important stuff – like helping others.

Give it a try! You can opt out at any time by simply updating your communication preferences online or by replying STOP to any text message.

  • STEP #1 – Log-in to
  • STEP#2 – Select Profile in the green bar in top navigation.
  • STEP #3 – Scroll down to the area beneath your name and email address. If your mobile phone number is already listed there and is identified as Mobile, proceed to STEP #4.

If not, click the EDIT button beneath where your birthday is listed. Then, update your mobile phone number and phone number type in the fields provided. Click the green UPDATE button in the lower right-hand corner and you’ll be returned to the previous screen.

  • STEP #4 –Scroll down to Communication Preferences and select the green EDIT On the next screen, select the box for “Send text messages to mobile phone”. Click the green UPDATE button in the lower left-hand corner and you’re all set!
  • If I change my number to my mobile number to opt-in to receive SMS does that change my primary phone number everyplace else?

YES. Currently we are only able to specify one phone number per Shaklee ID, so if you change your phone number in your profile, it will use and display that number for all your Shaklee communications, including in your Sherpa. Our IT team is working on a later release that will allow you to add another number just for SMS.

  • Will I receive a confirmation when I opt-in to receive SMS?

Your on-screen preference selection is confirmation that you will receive SMS Texts from Shaklee.

  • How often will I receive Texts from Shaklee?

On average you can expect to receive 1-2 messages from Shaklee on a weekly basis. Periods of greater business activity may necessitate more frequent communication.

  • How can I Opt Out of receiving S Texts from Shaklee?

We hope you won’t, but if you want to Opt Out, simply reply STOP to any text message. Or go to your Profile in and update your communication preferences by selecting the green EDIT button and unchecking the box for “Send text messages to mobile phone”. Then, click the green UPDATE button in the lower left-hand corner.

  • When will I begin to receive texts?

Our ability to send SMS Texts to you will begin in mid-April 2020.  We will be “warming up” this process slowly to ensure that cellular providers accept us as a new SMS Text sender, so you may not see SMS Texts right away, and some on your team may receive them before you do, even though you are opted in.

  • Will I get charged for these text messages?

Yes, these will be counted in your cellular data plan. You may see a prompt asking if you will accept the standard data rates. Most cellular plans have a generous amount of data messages included and our frequency should not be high enough to make too much of an impact.