Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program

Program Compliance

The Shaklee Integrated Wellness Program™ (SIWP) is a fantastic way that you can partner with studio owners and trainers by working with them to integrate a program of wellness and supplementation into their existing business.  The SIWP helps studio owners and trainers to expand their business beyond their four walls, supports customer retention, and creates another potential income stream.

For many, working with studio owners or fitness instructors is new territory. We’re here to help you understand how to integrate products and displays in buildings with the SIWP program, while remaining compliant with the P&R.

The Statement of Privileges and Responsibilities of Shaklee Family Members (The P&R) is the official document governing the relationship between the Field and Shaklee Corporation, and explains important business policies and procedures, as well as the details of the Shaklee Compensation Plan. Understanding and adhering to the direct selling rules in the P&R helps maintain the integrity of Shaklee products and keep a level playing field for all.

An Independent Distributor may own a studio or have fitness trainers in their organization who are sharing Shaklee products in fitness studios or gyms, with programs such as, Zumba®, Yoga, Pilates, CrossFit®, body boot camps, spas, foot massage centers, nail salons and other type of studios focused on wellness.  These and other service establishments that require membership or an appointment must adhere to the following conditions:

  • Shaklee products may be displayed in areas visible to studios members. These products are for display only.  Products may not be visible from the outside of the establishment.
  • Advertising in a service establishment is limited to official Shaklee Corporation materials. Shaklee posters may be displayed within a studio.  No signs containing the Shaklee trade names, trademarks, or logos may be displayed or be visible outside of the facility.
  • The following activities can be conducted in a separate area of a studio, such as an office or back room:
    • You may have an inventory of products and may sell them; however, product may not be visible from the outside of the studio
    • You may conduct personal consultations
    • You may present the Shaklee Opportunity
    • You may place orders via Internet
  • If the fitness facility contains a health food bar: You may sell Shaklee products through the health food bar so long as the products are sold in individual servings and not in full bottles or containers for carry-out.  Advertising in a health food bar is limited to official Shaklee Corporation materials on the exterior or interior of the public area of the health food bar.  Menus must list the product name only with only those claims that are set forth on the product label with no changes whatsoever.

Please educate your team about these business policies for a successful combination of SIWP and your Shaklee business.

Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

It’s always a good idea to make sure a new distributor is aware of the P&R, and for existing distributors to periodically refresh themselves on these rules.

Please contact Field Support the full P&R.

Visit the Tools page and search “Shaklee Integrated Wellness” for SIWP Tools for information and resources for building and sharing with the SIWP.