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YOUTH® Lash Revitalizing and Conditioning Mascara

The latest innovation from YOUTH is here: Lash Revitalizing and Conditioning Mascara. Learn more about this exciting new product and how you can use it to grow your business in social.


Lash Revitalizing and Conditioning Mascara is a 2-in-1 lash conditioner and mascara that lengthens, volumizes, and lifts to help create fuller-looking lashes.

Specially formulated with our Botanical Complex and Lash Protection Complex, this product also helps strengthen lashes and defend against environmental damage.

The innovative 2-sided brush enables you to create volume with shorter bristles and add definition with longer bristles.

In addition to being cruelty free and gluten free, Lash Revitalizing and Conditioning Mascara is:

  • Ophthalmologist tested
  • Safe for contact lens wearers
  • A universally suitable shade of soft black

General Social Selling Tips

Social selling or building your business in social is about learning how to establish yourself online and leveraging your network to create warmer leads and opportunities to share Shaklee. You do that by:

  • Creating your presence
  • Planning your content and identifying your audience
  • Then prospecting and engaging

Creating your presence starts with identifying your unique brand voice. What’s the thing that makes you authentic and memorable in social? A simple way to discover what makes you stand out from others is to identify three emotions and three passions you want people to associate with you. Then, think of every post you do in social in terms of those categories.

After you’ve worked on identifying your presence – how you want to show up in social – the next step is to plan your content and research your audience.

Content planning is about mapping out what you want to post, in which platforms and on what days and times. To help you get started, we’ve created a content calendar you can find in the resource section. In addition to the content calendar, we’ve got daily tasks that you can do to build on social.

Research Your Audience

  • Identify 10 like-minded people to follow every day
  • Creating a running list of people who are your top leads
  • Engage with them authentically

Research Your Own Feed

  • Which posts get the most engagement (likes, comments, and shares)?
  • What day of the week and time are those being posted?
  • Then, start to modify your future posts so they get maximum engagement

Why is this important? When people meet you (virtually or in person), one of the first places they go is to your social footprint. Your presence should reflect what you want a prospect to know about you.

Sharing Mascara in Social

There are four types of social posts you can use to build interest on social for a specific product: Create Curiosity, Call to Action, Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), and Results. These posts build on the presence and trust you’ve already established with your network, thereby increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Check out these examples of how to generate your Create Curiosity, Call to Action, FOMO, and Results posts. (You can also find downloadable versions of each example post beneath the example.)

Fear of Missing Out example post

After They Buy

Share the business:

  • “I hope you’re loving your mascara! You have an awesome social network. Have you ever thought of leveraging it? Let me know if you’re ever interested.”
  • Invite them to an existing event that you and your team are doing
  • Ask them who else they know who might want it; show them the potential

Share your story:

  • What has representing these products done for you?
*This video was produced in the United States and may include some differences between products sold in Canada and those sold in the United States, or product claims that have not been authorized and/or approved by Health Canada.
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