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Grow Your Business with the New Shaklee Share App

Connect and engage with new and existing people using exclusive, corporate-approved tools with the new Shaklee Share App.

The best way to get started with the app is to jump right in!

  • Download from the App store on your phone.

  • Log in using your login and password.

  • Visit the Learn Section and start with the Getting to Know Shaklee Share courses to watch quick training videos on app features.

Share and Follow Up – Choose from an extensive collection of searchable videos and images to share through the app:

  • Use the app to share to social, with suggested copy to go with posts. You also get a reminder to make posts unique by adding your own edits to the copy before it is posted.

  • Search your Shaklee Connect® contacts as well as your phone contacts to easily share by SMS (text message) or email.

  • Track when people engage with the content you’ve shared directly with them for timely follow up in the Feed Section.

On-the-Go Training for New People – New business partners can get off to a good start with our new Distributor onboarding training.

  • Onboard team members with the Vital Behaviors that create success – connect, invite, follow up, use and love Shaklee products, and personal development.

  • Track team member progress through Getting Started: Onboarding for Your Business training with notifications (to the upline) when course action items and quizzes are completed.

  • And look for future courses and lessons to be launched on Shaklee products and other aspects of building and growing a Shaklee Business.

We encourage all Distributors – regardless of length of time in the business – to go through the Getting Started training so you’re familiar with what new people are learning! You’ll also find lots of new tools throughout the training for hosting Pop-Ups, tracking your Vital Behaviors, optimizing and creating curiosity on social media, and more.

Product Sampling – Create conversation and engagement with Life Shake™ samples.

  • Share Life Shake samples with prospects via the app.

  • Includes a drip campaign that goes out to your prospects and reminders to you to follow up at each stage in the journey.

  • Prospects receive samples in a beautifully branded mailer that creates a great first impression for you and for Shaklee.

To download and use the Shaklee Share App you must be using a iPhone or iPad with iOS version 13 or newer that allows for downloads from the Apple App Store, or an Android phone or tablet with OS 8 or newer that allows for downloads from the Google Play Store. The Shaklee Share App may be downloadable or work on other devices or lower-than-recommended OS versions, but we are unable to troubleshoot or resolve use or download issues on those devices or OS versions.  Please note that the following Apple devices are not able to use iOS version 13 and will likely not allow the Shaklee Share App to download or function properly:

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 6/6 Plus
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Mini 3
  • iPad Air (2013)

With the vast number Android device manufacturers and types available, we are not able to provide a comprehensive list of incompatible Android devices. If you are using one of the devices listed above or an Android device that doesn’t allow you to use OS 8 or newer, we look forward to showing you how to use all of the Shaklee Share App features on a compatible device in the future.

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