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Prove It Challenge™ Success: Pam C.

Building a Shaklee Business helped this stay-at-home mom replace her six-figure corporate income.

“I saw the Shaklee Business as an opportunity to connect with other moms and help them raise healthy kids with Shaklee products.”

Before starting my Shaklee Business in 1998, I worked as a buyer for an international grocery chain. I left that and my six-figure income behind to become a stay-at-home mom.

My goal was to earn $500/month to cover my own Shaklee products plus a little extra for my kids’ soccer and dance classes. The Shaklee Business was an opportunity to connect with other moms and help them raise healthy kids with Shaklee products and the support of the Shaklee Family. Over time, I have replaced my corporate income and found a shared sense of community and purpose through my Shaklee Business.

Since Global Conference, I’ve had 20 people accept the Prove It Challenge and gained a new Distributor in the process! The Challenge is easy to sell because it’s exactly what people want and need to live healthier lives.

My success with the Challenge has taught me to commit to daily accountability targets: 5 social media posts, 6 reach-outs, 10 minutes of journaling/reading, and 20 minutes of exercise. The consistency is working—the Prove It Challenge is the perfect vehicle to help me achieve my goal of becoming a Key Coordinator in 2019.

I am confident, too, that the Prove It Challenge will positively impact the Shaklee Field and be a real force in evolving our health care system from “sick care” to “well care!”

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