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Prove It Challenge™ Success: Nary V.

Overcoming her initial skepticism, Nary quickly incorporated the Prove It Challenge™ into dramatically greater Shaklee Business success.

“The Prove It Challenge is the fundamental foundation for better health and a better life.”

When I was first introduced to the Prove It Challenge, I was hesitant.  I wasn’t initially a believer in it because I was already accustomed to my own successful system for selling Shaklee products. I thought, “Why should we change our successful system to other things?”  I was afraid that the change would interfere with my current business model.

After Conference, I suddenly got the concept when I saw how excited my team was about how Roger Barnett’s philosophy of changing “sick care” to “well care” would make the simplicity of the Prove It Challenge so easy to sell.  Their excitement rubbed off on me.  I focused on getting people to accept the challenge as the catalyst for offering additional Shaklee products for their needs.

After people take the 7-day healthy cleanse, I remind them of the importance of a healthy digestive system and offer them the prebiotics, probiotics or liver detox in addition to the Vitalizer and Life Shakes.  If people can afford to add to their orders, I recommend other quality Shaklee products.  If not, then we stick with the Prove It Challenge.  Thanks to the Prove It Challenge, I had my second highest month in August.

As Heather says, “the power of the Prove It Challenge system is in how it democratizes success with Shaklee.”  It’s the fundamental foundation for better health and a better life.

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