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Prove It Challenge™ Success: Lindsey F.

Kickboxer Lindsey attributes her success with the Prove It Challenge™ to the sense of urgency she set on her goals.

“We found out pretty quickly that there are lots of people looking for a healthier way to live.”

My husband and I have 2 kids and own a kickboxing studio. I’ve struggled with my weight for years and after the birth of our second child, I was finally ready to make a change. My husband and I had been focused on the exercise portion of healthy living, but we found out pretty quickly that there are lots of people looking for the benefits of nutritional supplementation. I’m excited to have Shaklee to refer people to who are interested in learning more about nutrition, and I feel good knowing that I’m recommending the best products out there to them.

I attribute my success with the Prove It Challenge to the sense of urgency I put on my goals. For August, I challenged myself to get 20 people to accept the Prove It Challenge and now I have over 30 people committed. People commit because they want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and their excitement inspires other people.

I explain to people that it’s possible to accomplish anything in just 30 days and when I compare the price of “a strip and shake” to dining out, the Prove It Challenge sells itself.

My husband and I live by the motto “failing to plan is planning to fail.” Our advice is to set goals and believe it’s going to happen! We thank God daily for this Shaklee Opportunity!

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