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Prove It Challenge™ Success: Kevin Y.

Kevin’s Shaklee Business was reinvigorated with the Prove It Challenge™.  It’s resulted in the most activity his business has had in years!

“The one thing that’s kept me cemented to Shaklee is the knowledge that Dr. Shaklee and his legacy have created safe, natural and effective products.”

I’ve been in love with Shaklee products since I was introduced to them in 2004. I was a Shaklee Distributor from the very beginning, and although my passion for the Business has never waned, as everyone knows, sometimes “life gets in the way.”

I was reinvigorated with the Prove It. Live It. Share It. program launch at Global Conference.  I resonated strongest with the “Prove It” part because I needed a health reset after a recent emergency surgery.  I started my Prove It Challenge in August and have lost over 20 lbs. but, more importantly, I’m feeling better than I’ve felt in years.

I’m really having fun sharing the Prove It Challenge!  Posting my progress on social media has been a key to my success.  Every “Living Proof” post gathered more and more interest, and suddenly my friends started to take the Challenge.  So far, nine people have accepted the Challenge, one as a Distributor.  It’s the most activity I’ve had in my business in years!

The one thing that’s always cemented my belief in Shaklee is the knowledge that Dr. Shaklee and his legacy have created safe, natural, and effective products with proven and documented results.

I recommend that anyone looking to build a business with Shaklee to have fun with it, make sure you’re sharing about the Shaklee Effect™, and, most importantly, connect with the Shaklee Family at Conference!  See you in Orlando next year!

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