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Prove It Challenge™ Success: Bernie B.

Congratulations to Bernie, who had her biggest month in a long time thanks to selling 20 Prove It Challenges™ in the last two weeks of August!

“I’m so excited to get out of “sick care” and into “well care” that I just can’t stop talking about it!”

I spent 50 years in health care as a hospice nurse, and 40 years and counting using Shaklee products while running my Shaklee Business.  Both have given me a unique perspective on our country’s health.

I was so excited about the launch of the Prove It. Live It. Share It. system at Global Conference and couldn’t wait to share it. But I suffered a minor injury that kept me homebound for a short time. Turned out that my injury was a blessing in disguise because my Prove It Challenge box arrived and every time people came to visit me at home, they had to pass the box on the table.  This gave me the opportunity to introduce people to Shaklee.

So many people wanted to accept the challenge as soon as possible that I was able to sell 20 Prove It Challenges in two weeks, making August my biggest month in a long time!  As an added bonus of sharing the Challenge, I noticed that many people are adding to their orders.

I keep my presentation short and simple:  First, I stress the importance of a healthy cleanse to remove toxins from our bodies, then I share the benefits of our wonderful Shaklee nutrition.  Finally, I follow up by calling every few days to check in. It’s working!

I’m so excited to get out of “sick care” and into “well care” that I just can’t stop talking about it.

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