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Exciting New Changes Coming to Meology® Prenatal | Starting 5/3

We’ve got exciting new changes coming with Meology® Prenatal – our personalized nutrition for hopeful, soon-to-be, and new moms – starting 5/3

What’s New

  • New & Improved Flavor – The Prenatal MultiV drink will feature a light Raspberry Lemonade flavor, replacing the previous Peach Mango flavor.
  • Moved Iron from MultiV Drink to MultiM Tablet – Iron, known for its metallic taste, was removed from the Prenatal MultiV drink to improve the taste, and moved to the MultiM tablet, which previously contained 18 mg iron but now contains 27 mg.
  • Changed Magnesium Source – The magnesium source was switched from magnesium oxide to magnesium sulfate to help reduce sediment at the bottom of the glass.
  • Iodine Adjustment The iodine amount in the Prenatal MultiV drink was increased from 140 mg to 150 mg, and the MultiM tablet was reduced from 150 mg to 140 mg. This shift ensures that both the standalone drink (Essential MultiV) and the combined drink (Prenatal MultiV plus MultiM tablet) meet the Daily Value requirements for individuals over the age of 4 (150 mg) and for pregnant and breastfeeding individuals (290 mg), respectively.

Existing Prenatal Customers will not need to take any action. After launch, the new Prenatal product will automatically be sent to them in any subsequent shipments.

Why We Love Meology Prenatal

  • Expert Developed – Formulated by doctors and scientists based on American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists nutrition recommendations.
  • Superior Nutrition – Loaded with 23 vitamins and minerals—plus 300 mg omega-3s, including 250 mg DHA—and 225 mg choline to provide nutritional support that supersedes other popular prenatal vitamins.
  • No Big Pills – A new approach to prenatal vitamins, Meology Prenatal includes a refreshing, gentle-on-the-stomach multivitamin drink mix, chewables and gellys, soothing drops, and easy-to-take tablets.
  • Only the Good Stuff – Made with clean, effective, proven ingredients that are safe for both mom and baby. No artificial preservatives, flavors, or sweeteners.
  • Non-Dairy & Lactose-Free / Gluten & Wheat Free / No Artificial Sweeteners or Flavors / No Preservatives
  • When You Buy, We Give – Through Shaklee Cares® and our partnership with Vitamin Angels®, every purchase of Meology Prenatal helps provide life-changing nutritional support to pregnant women and children in need across all 50 states and around the world.

The Meology Prenatal Ready Set Wellness Bundle will be phased out effective 5/3. With a very small percentage of people joining using the Meology Prenatal Ready Set Wellness Bundle, we wanted to simplify and streamline the join process for your new Members and Ambassadors by removing this extra choice.