Share Shaklee

Share Shaklee

“This business…is about using and recommending the products and if you see and believe in the wealth-building model, finding a lot of others to do the same.” – Richard Bliss Brooke, The Four-Year Career

You’ll want to consistently add new people to your team, either personally or by encouraging your business partners to do the same.

You can share on social, one-on-one, in person or virtual events. The Prove It Challenge is a great way to introduce Shaklee to the people you meet and engage with every day.

This section includes tips, training and tools to help you share Shaklee in an authentic and natural way.

Opportunity video

Shaklee Opportunity Videos help you pique interest in the business opportunity that can lead to further conversation in the form of a one-on-one meeting, three-way call with your Upline, or attendance at an in-home or virtual event.

These videos showcase Shaklee’s history, product philosophy and culture as well as how people get started with building a Shaklee business.

Visit Shaklee TV (external link) to find videos and find embed code you can use to add to a web page.

Need a quick way to share Shaklee with someone in a one-on-one or virtual setting? Use the Shaklee Opportunity Presentation (PPT | PDF) to guide your conversation.

Shaklee Canada–specific options are:

PDF: English | French
PPT: English | French

Commit to Regular In-Home and Virtual Events

Events are a great way to maximize your efforts and get the word out about Shaklee and the Prove It Challenge. Events can be online, in-person, etc. and should be focused around specific presentations.

When inviting people to your event, make the first invitation personal – by phone call or text. Then use emails, social media posts and event flyers as a follow up to your initial invitation. Remember, you’ll need to invite 4-5 times as many people as you want to attend. And don’t forget to send a reminder to your confirmed guests 48 hours before your event.

More Resources:

Repurpose Prove It Challenge Bonus

Consider repurposing the $25 Prove It Challenge bonus into a “referral” bonus to anyone who sends you a referral and that person purchases a Prove It Challenge kit.

Check out this video of Lisa Anderson sharing how to do it, and her language for asking for referrals while sharing about the business opportunity.




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