Yes to Product

Yes To Product

Starting new Members on the Prove It Challenge is a great way for them to discover the benefits of Shaklee products, first hand.

The best way to create your personal results is to take the Prove It Challenge. Once you’ve seen and felt the results yourself, it’s much easier to share with others with enthusiasm. Click here to get started on the Prove It Challenge.

Follow up to Build Loyalty

Did you know the average length of time a Shaklee customer uses our products is over 10 years? Now that’s brand loyalty! But it isn’t just our products that make the difference. It’s you, the Shaklee Distributor cultivating that relationship that can mean the difference between a one-time purchase and a long term, faithful customer.

Watch as Tasha Starr shares how to create loyal customers:


Here are some additional tips for follow up and building loyalty:

  • Use the Prove It Challenge follow up checklist
  • Take advantage of the Follow Up tool in Shaklee Connecton desktop or mobile to schedule reminders for following up with new people as they join. Check out the video clips below to learn more about using the Follow Up tool to build your business.
  • Stay in touch about more than Shaklee. Acknowledge birthdays, holidays and other milestones relevant to your customer.

Helping new Members begin with Shaklee products is just the beginning of your relationship with them. The goal, over time, is to help them not only experience positive outcomes with the products they purchased when they joined but also help them expand their horizons and create healthier outcomes with other products and product categories.

After completing the Prove It Challenge, it may be a great time to introduce the Shaklee Healthprint to your customers. With personalized product and lifestyle recommendations, the Shaklee Healthprint assessment is the best way to get started on the path to better health. Healthprint uses the 1+2+3 = Personal Health Plan along with your responses to the Healthprint assessment to create a uniquely suited nutrition plan.

The 1 + 2 + 3 = Personal Health Plan

The 1 + 2 + 3 = Personal Health Plan includes a Multi + Protein, The Building Blocks for Life, Targeted Solutions and Boosts which will allow your customers to easily build a personal health plan, customized just for them.

What does a 1 +2 + 3 = Personal Health Plan look like?

  1. Choose Your Multi + and Protein – The Building Blocks for Life
  2. Targeted Solutions – Ultra-pure supplements with clinically proven products and ingredients designed to address your unique health concerns
  3. Boosts – Give you a powerful boost of the key vitamins, minerals and nutrients when you need them most

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