The key to building your business and fulfilling Shaklee’s mission of Creating a Healthier Life for Everyone and a Better Life for Anyone® is meeting new people and making connections that can lead to long-lasting relationships.

This section includes tips, training and tools to help you meet and engage new people.

Create Interest & Generate Leads

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

An important component of connecting with people is being able to tell your own story in a way that resonates — sharing your authentic passion and your purpose.

Connect with people in person and on social media to build trust and genuinely share about Shaklee in an authentic and natural way.

Discover Their Needs

Knowing the wants and needs of your future customers and future business partners is key for any successful business owner. It’s important to pay attention and understand their health concerns and goals they’re trying to achieve so you know how Shaklee can be of service to them.

Ask Questions

How do you know someone’s needs? You ask and listen. The more you keep the conversation going, the more you’re able to help customers.

Overcome Objections

Think of objections as questions your potential Members and Distributors have before joining you in business or trying the products.



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